Live Traffic, not as many planes as real life

When I turn on live traffic, there aren’t as many planes as there are in real life, why? Also what server has the most people since WEST-USA has only like 5 people at a time

There are currently some issues with certain real flights being filtered out due to missing data. I believe they’re working on improving this in the future.

About multiplayer; West USA should be busy enough. Make sure you enable the ‘all players’ multiplayer mode.
Also keep in mind you’ll only see other players if they’re relatively close to you.


this has been posted a billion times – but as Mort said, it’s something Asobo has been working on and will work on.

What do you have your setting set to for “Ground Aircraft Density”?

that has nothing to do with live traffic.

If ASOBO will fix the issue or not, I am a bit skeptical. Some airports have more than others. For example, Seattle often has over 20 aircraft on the ground and in the air. While JFK, a much busier airport in real life, has much less. Even if flightaware shows full info.


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