Live Weather Bumpy Approach and Smooth Landing Anomaly

Please forgive me if this is covered elsewhere. I did a pretty comprehensive search but couldn’t find a discussion of this particular situation:

From the very beginning of MSFS in 2020, I noticed that when using live weather for a flight, something very strange consistently happens.

If it is a particularly windy/gusty day with noticeable turbulence and I am fighting the controls to stay aligned with the center of runway and on glide slope, at about 200 ft. or so from the threshold, the weather suddenly becomes almost dead calm with no cross-winds or buffeting.

I thought I found something about this in one of the settings recently, but now I can’t find it.

I wonder if anyone else has noticed this, or discussed it previously elsewhere in this forum?

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Yeah, I’ve noticed it a couple of times, but assumed that the wind/gust conditions were geographically buffered or the like. I have had to abort multiple approaches and ended up diverting a couple of times so It’s not consistently like that for me.

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The first few times I thought the same.

But after having tested it at many different fields with multiple aircraft, I am quite certain that something is programmed to eliminate the turbulence shortly after “clearing the fenceline” so to speak.

Had I not read something in the set-up options recently that specifically addressed that scenario, I would not have posted this query. But now I can’t find it. Pretty frustrating!


If anyone else is interested in what I am referring to, please see the video I posted and note what happens at approximately 1:20.
This just isn’t right…

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Yeah, I can confirm that this does happen after a few hours of flying last night.


Yep, I have noticed that to.


I have seen this as well - I thought it was because I got below a tree line, but it is a bit too dramatic a difference. I wonder if we turned on the thermal visualization if we could see the change? Might try that…

It’s a thought! I will try it, too! Unfortunately the high winds seem to have died down around my favorite flying spots for now.

There is a similar issue reported over in the bugs thread, but most folks there seem to be concerned about high-altitude weather/wind anomalies. I only fly in the low-altitude airways.

Well the wind is back- 15-20mph gusts. However, I tried the thermal visualization option and frankly I didn’t notice any difference in its representation of the air flow in the immediate vicinity of the runway vs. the long approach.
It was worth the try, though.

Ok, last night I set up a 90 Deg cross wind at 5 M/S, which I think equates to about 10Kts using the C152, and this video is the result and as you can see the cross wind drops away to nothing as I approach the runway. Of note, on take off, the aircraft initially nosed into the wind, but once I realigned with the centre line, no further rudder input was required to keep the aircraft centred on the runway. C150 Cross Wind Landing RWY 03L Parafield Airport, South Australia - YouTube

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Well, as they say - “Be careful of what you wish for…”

Since the latest system update Su-12,, it seems like all the windy weather effects on airborne aircraft have been eliminated - completely.

I can no longer duplicate any of the bumpy flight characteristics I posted in a video earlier in this thread.

Everything is as smooth as silk both on approach to the airport as well as low-level passes over the runway.

Has anyone else noticed this?

I intend to put together another little video of the same plane, same airport, same approach with a noticeably different result.

Well, I’ll be…!

I just discovered, totally by accident BTW that the developers have introduced a new setting called “Turbulence”! It’s under “Assistance Options” - “Piloting”.

When they released this latest SU12, this setting defaulted to “low”.

However, there are actually 3 choices under “Turbulence” to try out: Low, Medium and Realistic.

“Realistic” makes all the difference for me!