Live Weather change with flight working after new Patch


really this is simply unbelieveble! I can’t have live weather again after going to Main menu and set new flight!!! Not working again!!!

Did you at any point change the sim rate or use travel to?


Sry can you better say what you mean? I didn’t change nothing in sim and also not use any Travel to feature. Look to my first post here and read better, this is totally not working. Rate??? What Rate???

I mean to speed up time inside the sim. I know if I do this it breaks live weather (because you essentially travel into the future). It also breaks when trying a second flight though which is annoying

eeeeehm ok,

did never set higher speed rate in sim, also why do this? I fly in real time, thnx for info.

ah ok, just thought I’d raise it as I know it breaks it for me.

I dont use the increased speed very often but when I do, it might be to pass over some boring terrain or long stretch of ocean

Is this your issue - add a vote and perhaps it will get fixed :slight_smile:

hehe check again my first post carefully,

not read last posts :wink: than hope you understand whos problem it is…

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Oh you mean this, thats funny, I read that as describing the previous patch behaviour, my bad!

yesterday after Patch this didn’t work, after went to main menu and start new flight, live weather not started as before, old bug.

I can return to ordinary MSFS restart to have live weather again but I really don’t understand that one day this can work and next day noy, if we understand that last patch this solves!!!

Seems the same as before to me. First flight of the day shows correct weather. After that, it’s a roll of the dice.

Did 2 flights (one in, one out) out of my home airport yesterday. The first leaving for Toronto showed clear sky and low wind conditions, which was totally accurate. For the return trip, skies in game were overcast with strong wind while actual conditions were still clear with little wind.

Guys pls!!!

Hope you understand what about problem I talk here. It’s not about not functional live weather as is but after go to main mneu and then start new flight, last patch this problem had solved but NOT!!!

I get it. First flight you run, live weather works. If you go back to the main screen and start another flight, live weather no longer works.

That’s exactly what I was experiencing both before and after the patch. The patch didn’t fix it.

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But yesterday it worked :slight_smile:

I’ve noticed no changes since I got the game on launch day. It’s always behaved like this for me.

We can only speculate,

but now starting have idea about ‘their servers’ not consistent data and access not available somehow. Look to people problems, one day some of them have weather ok, next day not. ???

And today with first start not working and after restart sim started work ok again :slight_smile: unbelievable…

Again problem with functionality,

but found finally that strange bug that makes feel users that live weather is functional after go to Main menu :slight_smile: Now I understand why so many users report functionality and other not! Pls all, if you have time do that for test, this situation is also answer to one of user yesterday with C152 and many screenshots topic that functionality is ok. Yes is ??? ok ??? if you not change airport or better say return to that previous airport set after another flight :slight_smile:

  1. I set Paris Orly after sim start to have live weather, because as I said some frontal system is comming from W to West Europe.
  2. started flight, no problem with live weather.
  3. back to Main menu and selected another airport - live weather not working as expected :slight_smile:
  4. back to Main menu and select again Orly and what appears? Live weather :slight_smile: Icon show that Cloudy weather as before.
  5. ok started flight and??? …no live weather :smiley: clear weather without nothing, pressure STD…

Probably I’ll close this topic with next addition, very sry but this is unbelievable how they claim fixed this and what really is in sim. Looks like they solved somehow because on some situtaion it working :smiley: but how they did this, no one from us know…

Be careful if your place has +/- clear weather, you can be put toi feeling that all is ok!!!
Try someone reproduce my situtaion :slight_smile: I’m very curious…


eeeehm ok :slight_smile:

if you want and you’ll for sure apreciated my contribution with this problematic, pls be kind read all my topics about weather :wink: then you probably will understand what about problems I reporting :slight_smile: but probably you didn’t read this topic carefully…