Live Weather Error

After I quit the flight and go back to World Map the live weather does not work anymore. Weather appears to be clear in whatever airport I start again.

I’ve been having a similar issue. The workaround I’ve been using is go into the Filters tab at the bottom of the map and then press Default.
I’m finding that everytime i load into the map all of the filters are turned off… Every time.

I have the same problem when I first start gaming. No visible weather in the world map and yet the filters are well activated. In flight situation, on the other hand, the real time weather is working correctly.

I hesitated to make a new topic, but I’m digging this one instead. Can someone help me?

Thanks in advance

Edit: I have a very good FTTH internet connection.

I just came here to post about this. This problem started 5 days ago when I installed a new GPU, I had to uninstall the motherboard to make adjustments to the case to fit the card. When I booted up, I was getting a Game pass for PC Error Code: 0x803F8001 even though my Xbox account said I had an active Game Pass subscription. After hours of searching, I found this was tied to how Microsoft retrieves security credentials from you PC. There’s a setting in your Windows accounts that shows the devices connected to your account. Mine had the same device listed, about 4 times from each hardware upgrade I made without a OS reinstall. I deleted all but the most current and the next time I reloaded Flight Sim after a reboot I got UAC needs to be turned on to access this app notice, and then Flight Sim loaded correctly…HOWEVER, ever since then Live Weather ONLY works for the first flight after launch, then I get no weather data from METAR at all UNLESS I restart the sim every time. There’s also a button at the bottom of the screen that says “Validate” press enter or something after I start a flight.

All of this, coupled with the same old same old from 3rd party devs, pulling in 5 year old aircraft and scenery textures, using the default Garmin in there plane? and charging a premium price, has left a VERY sour taste in my mouth.

Another new edit:

I just made a little flight over Rio de Janeiro, and I was very surprised to see that the weather activation was grayed out.

I’d like to point out that it worked on my last flight, yesterday, I didn’t make any hardware changes and my Community folder is still completely empty. I share your bitterness

Live weather not working correctly should have been a Day ONE patch. Asobo spent months telling us how good the weather was with the insider videos and screenshots, and for real weather to be borked at launch is unacceptable. The icing on the cake was when the hurricane was hitting Louisiana and people were trying to go fly in that weather (which is a time honored tradition of any flightsimmer) and at the MOST all people got was a light breeze and some mild clouds.

They had that LONG alpha period where everyone was trying to get into. What exactly happened there? Shouldn’t anyone check the weather, which is integral to the sim?

Then they had the “beta”. Which was due to its short duration and what we saw happen during it was more a “Media Hype” period than it was anything else.

Post release. Now this is the real beta.

BTW real weather not working correctly is my one BIG gripe with the sim. When this sim is running and you got it all working, it is amazingly beautiful and just jaw dropping. Im here to stay.

But the RW issues get me salty everytime i think about it.


None of the 16K testers realized weather wasn’t working and nobody said a thing to Asobo…

Come on man! You don’t think we all complained about this? Of course we did. They simply don’t want to hear that their super-duper weather prediction system is junk. End of story. Until they hear enough of us complain, it isn’t going to change either.


It’s laughable that all this time and investment went into creating this incredible engine, only to tarnish it with a rushed launch. I have nothing new to add, just bumping this thread out of annoyance. I will say, I’m curious to see if my new $400 gpu will give me better performance in Xlame. I’d rather deal with the cartoon scenery and horrendous load times and have functioning Garmins. THEY PUT THEIR NAME ON THOSE. lmao.

I’ve been stuffing my buddy’s head for the past week with this real-time weather and telling him it was beautiful and exciting. And now, when it’s time to show him and show him what it’s all about, there’s no way to touch the weather anymore. :sob: :sob: :sob: I must be cursed I thought about it all afternoon at the office !!!. I started FlightSim today just for the weather and to chase a few storms. This is very frustrating ! Have Asobo take care of it quickly. I’m going to go post in the ZenDesk. In my opinion that’s a major thing to fix !!!

Go to your Settings -> General -> Data and make sure Live Weather is turned to ON there. My Photogrammetry got turned off there one day all by itself without me even touching the setting.

This “sums” it up quite nicely.

It is, I double checked every settings, every filters. Even my internet connection…

How specific do we have to be in this forum? This thread started as the issue of live weather not working on back to back flights. There are a bunch of other live weather issues, like wind not being depicted correctly for a majority of the world outside of Europe. Does this need to be a separate post, or will voting towards this topic encourage issues reported in subsequent posts to be included?

Are you in multiplayer mode? Then you can’t touch the weather settings.

So youre saying that RW was raised as an issue in alpha long before launch and nothing was done? If so, shame on the devs.

HiFiSimulations and Active Sky cant come soon enough. (or whatever REX brings to the table also)

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Winds aloft are consistently 225@3 outside of europe too. Asia, Americas I believe Australia as well. This issue persists regardless of whether or not its the initial flight of the session too.


Correct. Just long explanations of how it is supposed to work and excuses.


Indeed, I may have been in multiplayer but the problem on the world map was very real. I tried to change all the settings and filters, nothing changed. No clouds on the planet, no wind, nothing… :sob: :sob:

However I made a little flight this morning before leaving for the office, the weather display was back on the world map. I don’t know what it was due to.

I also did a small flight this morning from Darwin, Australia. (it was daylight there.) And real weather seemed to be working perfectly also. With winds.

Even got the G1000 on the C172 to read out the wind speed (9mph actual, instead of the 3mph dead wind it had been reporting)

Maybe the server downtime they had…had some kind of fix in it? Ill for sure be testing this more after work.

Its possible, Ill have to check as well.

From my understanding, after talking with Meteoblue, it sounds like the issue is within the sim itself.

They are sending data, Asobo/MS is receiving data and sees it going out to the users. However on our end it seems the sim is interpreting weather differently, based on location of the aircraft in the sim. Perhaps there are format differences in the global data? No clue.

I suppose its possible they tweaked something further up the data stream so that it plays better with the sim during the “Live” server update last night. Then again they mentioned some live features like multiplayer, but no mention of “Live Weather” in their statement. But according to MB who have been in touch with Asobo, the devs have supposedly corrected this issue, and will be rolling it out in a patch. Whether thats this weeks patch i dont know. Also whether or not they have truly “fixed” this issue to the fullest extent is another matter.

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