Live Weather Error

Just now, after the patch update, the issue is back :sob: :sob: will retry tomorrow before work :man_shrugging:t2:

Yeah it doesn’t appear to be any different now. They did just add “Live Weather Not Updating” to the top of the known issues list. So hopefully this encompasses what weve been saying here. Maybe in a few weeks time there will be another patch that fixes this


You mean in a few weeks time we’ll actually be starting the Alpha tests?


Haha, yeah certainly seems that way doesn’t it?

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This happened to me a couple of days ago. I was departing from Heathrow but I had a tailstrike, weather was rainy, very dark clouds. I restarted the flight and suddenly it was completely clear, no clouds at all.

I noticed that by having the Steam home page open, before launching the game ,this made the weather appear on the world map. The filters are always disabled, I have to enable them each time. But the weather on the world map seems to work when I do this.

It’s very twisted and it concerns Steam, there are a lot of things that the update didn’t fix. Another subject but I noticed that the stats were constantly being reset to zero for the last few days. I made a topic on the subject:

Same for me too!!! Always 3 Knots…

Hopefully its fixed in this months patch!

Add me to another one where weather is not working correctly. Tried a flight from ORF to FFA. ORF weather said rain. OK, External view–no rain. Cockpit view-no rain. Just clouds.

there are still few bugs with displaying weather on the world map… :unamused: :unamused: :unamused:

The weather in real time still stops working when you return to the world map, less often, but you still have problems.

Currently flying (11/16/20 1600z) KTEX-KEGE and temp at FL290 is ISA+30, it should be more like ISA -05.
Please fix temps aloft, it impacts aircraft performance.

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