Live Weather = CTD

So I’ve been chasing my tail with CTDs over the last three days, I thought it was driver or hardware related until today.

First night CTDs as soon as I load into an airfield, second night no CTDs for 3 hours straight but tonight CTDs just like the first night.

In the last hour I’ve pinpointed it to Live Weather. If I choose a custom time of day and preset weather everything runs perfectly yet as soon as I load a session using Live Weather I get an a CTD after about 20 seconds.

Any idea why this might be? Anybody else have this issue?



I believe live weather is the most strenuous on PC parts. If you have over clocked components, they might not be stable.

Interesting, only my CPU is overclocked. Will try at stock speeds, thanks.

No problem. MSFS2020 might become the new gold standard in testing OC PC parts’ stability! haha

I’ve got all stock PC parts and I have had no CTDs at all.

Looks like you’re right!! No CTD with stock clocks! TYVM

no problem