Live weather debugging

I wanted to fly IFR during the hurricane so I plotted a flight from KDCA to KLGA.

METAR at the flight time is looking like this. We should see heavy rain and overcast.

You can see in the screenshot below that MSFS knows it’s overcast as it’s displaying the clouds on the map.

But when you start flying:

All data seems to be lost on the way. End up with clear skies, altimeter 29.92, wind in my case 270 at 2. So it looks like weather data is successfully making it to the sim but something gets mushed at a later point. This is with the latest version released 29 Oct.

I’m updating the sim now. Just curious, have you tried to load in with a preset weather, then changing it to live while in sim to see if it works then? Just an idea.

Haven’t tried that. Is that a workaround that worked with previous versions? Interestingly you can see that already in loading screen “live weather” icon is displaying clear skies.

No, its just an idea that i thought of. If I have that problem when I load up, I’ll give it a shot.

I’ve restarted the sim to see if it works. If it doesn’t I’ll give your method a shot too.

Yes, this workaround works with previous versions. From the main world map, always select clear weather, then when on the tarmac, select live weather.

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Ah good to know!

So after restarting the sim it’s back to working as usual so can’t try the workaround. But will try if the issue reappears.

Quick question. Did you restart the sim after updating, or just go straight into a flight without restarting the sim?
I ask, because there has seemed to be alot of issues that have been easily resolved in past updates by making sure you shut the sim down after and update then restart it.

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I went straight into the sim after updating. I did notice that one of my mods didn’t seem to work the first time around and I put it down to the update but works now after restart.