Live Weather Does Not Match

From what I can tell, the injected weather is 100 percent deterministic.

Several months ago, I saw screenshots posted by several players in the same multiplayer session at the same airport, and all were showing exactly the same clouds, in exactly the same positions. This may be unique to multi-player.

The specifics of how the weather injection into the sim environment is accomplished is not something Asobo appears willing to share.

Probably one way to test this would be for two individuals not in a MP session to both spawn on the same runway, at the same airport, in the same type of aircraft at the same time, take a screenshot of the clouds (looking in the same direction) and compare.

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That is good to know. And this is only important for multiplayer, but it would be interesting to know if it holds for single player too.

That was done already,

completely different weather. And what is interesting, on other US areas we had same weather heh but on czech LKPR Prague airport and Vienna Schwechat different.

If you’re getting completely different weather, that’s most likely because the data passed to the individual sims is different. We’re talking about what happens when the same data is passed to different sims. Of course, it might be that the sim takes so many liberties with the data that it is indeed leading to these weather discrepancies. I suppose this can also be checked by making note of the weather, then restarting the sim and seeing if anything changes.


with next user we have same weather :slight_smile: only man from England (other time zone) has correct weather. Therefore I mentioned maybe problem with time zones of each users and problem with weather, maybe.
Pls check that interesting topic from beginning, good reading :wink:

Like i wrote on the Aerosoft website about the CRJ … also applicable to the weather drama :

I am flying Flightsims since FS3.0 and ATP.
I must say I am slowly loosing my patience.

I start a simbrief flight EHAM - LEBB (default MSFS planner can not be imported in CRJ)
Nice and fancy with SID / Star etc etc.

Winds 230 … Starting RNW 24 at EHAM according simbrief AND real world ( but I want cold and dark )

  • First start Addon manager I select ONLY CRJ and LEBB freeware ( ONLY ) and close manager

  • Then I need to load simbrief flight on website

  • Use simbrief loader to get CRJ plan - MSFS plan - and a PDF

  • Then start FS2020 ( waiting waiting on my SSD )

  • Load the FS2020 simbrief flight plan

  • FS2020 MAP gives winds 330 at EHAM ( grrr real life is 230 ish )

  • I want cold and dark so I select parking A43

  • Magically initial RNW 24 is removed and starting point A43 is connected to runway 36L ( wrong winds on map does this )

  • Startup CRJ

  • not to forget to press all the enters and buttons on EFB several times otherwise W&B wrong

  • Listen ATIS … JIHA … winds are now suddenly correct ???

  • Listen Clearance … JIHA despite now winds correct runway to use is 36L ( due to wrong winds on MAP )

  • I taxi to 24 off course and ignore ATC

  • I take off … ATC cancelled … no worries

  • 1000FT … NAV on / Speed on / AP on

  • Contact approach for new clearance.

  • Aerosoft AP CUTTING CORNERS on route

  • aerosoft AP CHASING NEEDLES on route

  • throttle up - N1 drifting down and visa versa ( great :+1: not handy due to no auto throttle in CRJ )


  • as a bonus … Aerosoft AP does not hold glide slope ( to low ) … so cancel AP … and land manually.

  • I watch my screen is disbelieve thinking " did I forget one step in this " fun" process ? "

I mean … is this really happening to my hobby :slightly_smiling_face:

I can imagina this hapens a few weeks. CRJ was released MARCH … FS2020 AUGUST 2020 …

i mean complete humans are created in nine months !! But stil the map shows completely different weather then the weather in sim ??? ATIS IN SIM tells correct wind but ATC IN SIM is using the wrong “map weather “ ???


-edit- try doing the above with Air Hauler 2 in the loop also. AH 2 is one big bug fest on its own. 3 programs … one big freaking bug.


Yep… it kinda is… Compounded by the silly ATC (FSX had silly ATC too, but nowhere near as bad as this) and the fact that you cannot override the default autopilot, as far as I know, or rather the logic that makes your plane follow the flightplan. I’m interested to see how PMDG will emulate an actual Boeing FMS.


Please note i was commenting on the AEROSOFT autopilot … the FBW and even the default planes do not have the issues al lot are complaining about with aerosoft.

Aerosoft created the complete autopilot according to themselves

The weather can’t be consistent with reality if it can’t even be consistent with itself. There’s the wind overlay on the planner map, the wind the departure thingy and the ingame ATIS… all of them show different wind direction and strength, none of them are right (with the overlay being closest).

Wind overlay: 170~180@8kt
Departure popup: 276@14kt
ATIS: 222@5kt
Real METAR: 160@7kt

weather1.PNG weather2 weather3

How does it all not come from the same source? Where does the sim even come up with all those different values?


170-180@8kt is pretty close to 160@7kts. That sounds to me as a common real life situation.

That one is close, yes, but it also deviates the most from what I experience in-game. But that’s what upsets me… the game knows what the weather is, the data is clearly there! It just also comes up with all these other values and messes everything up.

Seriously??? Have a look at @Viniter’s screen shots. The airport graphic says 276@14kts, the little wind direction arrow on the world map indicates 170~180@8kts (which yes, is close to the METAR) but then in game the ATIS says 222@5kts.
For me, this is one of the biggest issues with MSFS and has been since it was released. Useless for flight planning, you plan a flight in the world map then load into the sim and your departure/arrival is completely wrong. Its so frustrating this still is not rectified 9 months after release!!!

I mean at this point I don’t even care if the weather matches reality, I just want a way to predict what the weather’s going to be in-game… before actually getting to my destination and listening to the ATIS (if that can even be trusted, who knows). I can’t plan based on real METARs, can’t plan based on the planner page, can’t plan based on wind overlays. The weather always completely surprises me and I have to change my arrival and approach last minute just to be able to land. Not to mention winds aloft/en route weather, that’s completely unpredictable.

I’d be even okay with some dev tool that will analyze the downloaded weather data and figure out what can I expect, but I feel like I’m always flying blind. Half the joy of doing cross country is planning around the weather. That’s impossible here, just fly and pray.


And you bringing in a bunch of values that are not the 170-180@8kts or the 160@7kts i specifically mentioned is supposed to prove what, exactly?

Probably not. On several occasions i had strong reason to believe that the destination ATIS (from about 20-30 miles out) matched the conditions at my present location, rather than the actual conditions at the field.

Hi folks! As near as I can figure from reading these forums the WX in MSFS is based a some kind of forecast model, not METARS or even TAF’s from the actual time we are “flying”. We all know how accurate and “on time” WX forecasts are…LOL! So, this is OK for a game but not a flight sim. Right now it’s looking like we will have to wait for a quality WX add-on. Not what was promised but then very little of this game is what was promised. Except for the streaming ortho. That’s quite nice and very convenient but that’s not going to bring me back to MSFS very often when there are other options.

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so frustrating when the simulator is giving me different winds from what they are using on VATSIM?? HOW IS THIS ALL SUPPOSE TO WORK IF THEY CANT GET THE WEATHER ACCURATE?? this is getting ridiculous now, especially when they claim to have fixed it over and over and over again.

Seems like a lot of things about this sim are good enough for a layman’s understanding of a flight sim, but far from actually sufficient…

Only if HiFi manage to come up with something. Asobo will not open up the weather system for third party developers.

The disappointing thing is that if they allowed third parties to interface with the weather system, and allowed them proper access to the sim, at least as good as it was with FSX, by now FS2020 would have functioned perfectly fine in all respects, and a lot more people would have bought into it. But as it stands, it falls just short of a lot of marks.

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You’re posting in a thread that goes pretty deep into how the weather is supposed to work, so I don’t understand how you came to those conclusions… When around airports, the sim is supposed to use METARs for the variables that METARs get right such as barometric pressure, temperature and wind vector. For the variables METARs can’t reliably provide and when not around airports, the sim is supposed to use Meteoblue’s model, which is a really good model in my experience and provides way more data than a METAR can provide. I would much rather they use a good model like Meteoblue than just randomly guess and interpolate data that can’t be reliably provided by METARs or in areas that don’t have METARs at all. I live in an area with highly dynamic weather and micro climates, and sites like can never get it right. Meteoblue on the other hand is almost always pretty close. Their forecasts would be perfectly fine in MSFS if Asobo did their part and provided us with the appropriate data at the appropriate times, which they’re currently not doing… METAR around airports and Meteoblue everywhere else would be awesome if it was actually live. The weather would be much closer to accurate than any weather engine of the past, we would be synced with Vatsim, and we could then actually do weather-based flight planning. As it is now though, the weather is as good as random because they’re not sending the appropriate data at the appropriate times, which is amazing to me considering they’re paying for this data… It’s kinda like their cache system. The manual cache has been broken since launch, making us pointlessly use way more bandwidth than necessary, which costs them more money than necessary, yet they seem to have zero motivation to fix it. You would think they would prioritize fixing the systems that cost them money…

Based on how Asobo has shown confusion in their Q&As when other long-standing bugs are brought up, I have to wonder if the language barrier and/or lack of engagement with the community is making it so they just don’t understand what we’re talking about. It also doesn’t help that so many people see clouds and say “yup, live weather works fine for me. It’s overcast in RL and overcast in my sim, have you tried restarting your computer?” without taking into consideration that their area has overcast weather multiple days in a row, and the overcast sky they see is not from today.


Agree here, wish they would engage more with us.