Live Weather Does Not Match

Hello, I’m wondering if you all are having the well know weather issue with the wind still at 2 kts when you fly anywhere in the world because I did a test flight from KSFO to Eureka, CA and flew over the ocean where winds this morning where around 30 kts but my Grand Caravan aircraft only had winds 225 degrees at 2 kts. I’ve reported this bug to Zendesk but they seem to ignore it.

Is anyone having this issue with the weather ??
Please let me know below.

David Schlotthauer.


Flying right now, 225 at 3kt with clouds, Had to do a restart to get the clouds back lol


Ive seen EXACTLY this. Always 225/2-3 kts. Even at FL410.
Also on the ATIS dewpoint is always 10 degrees Ive had it report 3 miles visibility even in clear VFR.
Meteoblue integration is currently broken


I’ve also had this issue. It looks like it depends from person to person, as others have had their weather working perfectly fine. Always the ATIS reporting 3 miles visibility aswell

Yup I reported this on zendesk. We all should so they know its an issue that needs to be addressed and nit just random people who are just messing up the weather menu lol


I get the same thing. No winds aloft, airport weather is not even close to METAR, and most of the time its 3kt winds and clear.

Oh, I was getting some great turbulence updraft and downdraft effects over the ridgelines in the mountains. Flying the C152


Can confirm this happens to me also. FL330-410 winds consistently at 225 degrees and 3 knots, according to Windy at the time of writing this, winds in my area should be about 270 degrees and 137 knots. Occasionally during the flight weather has decided to load in again, but there’s no pattern to it I have determined as yet.


Playing release with my friend, I have no weather showing at airfields on the world map, ATC is giving me 29.92 with live weather selected. My friend who was not in the beta, has real world weather working, and they are getting weather updates from ATC.


Getting the same issues and started seeing this as of this morning. I also wanted to mention, when I toggle from a preset weather theme back to “live”, the time of day under live weather is off by about 14 minutes. Local time at that specific location was 2:17pm, although live weather shows 2:30pm.

I submitted a ticket via ZenDesk.

Same here, graphics look amazing at times but live weather (at least in the US, haven’t flown anywhere else yet), is broken. Winds aloft are always 255 @ 3 and temperatures are way off.

I have also submitted a ticket to Zendesk.


Live Weather not working. Continuous rain and overcast over South Wales, sim has clear cloudless blue skies.


I made some tests few minutes ago in Wales as well and the live weather seemed to work. It was raining a lot and very windy.

The problem with live weather seems to be US-related: for example in San Louis Obispo, California, at the moment it’s very windy (above 20kts). However when you load the game, it shows only a 4-knots wind.

How the hell is that possible??

Alright mate, calm down

Same issue in LFPN.
Already submitted a ticket in ZenDesk.

The default weather for South Wales should be set at rain and overcast just for realism! :joy::rofl::rofl::joy:


I tried this yesterday because there was a thunderstorm outside, so hopped into the sim and went to the nearest airport (5km away)… and there was a thunderstorm going on. Seem to work just fine.

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I’ve noticed my first flight after loading the sim has accurate live weather. If I then go back to the flight planner and change airport etc. it just gives clear skies with the weather info for the airports being two dashed lines. Oddly ATIS still reports accurate weather which is a bit incongruous!


It’s not just US. It’s also in Canada, Japan, Korea


Yup i get the bug everywhere. And to the people who are “getting it to work “ are you all actaully comparing to the airport’s real world METAR, or just assuming its correct because it seems close enough? Does the ATIS always reports 3sm Vis and dewpoint 10deg C, were the winds accurate and using correct runway? Were the winds aloft 225 at 3 even in a thunderstorm?
Ive had all these issues whether im flying in amsterdam, alaska, austria or LAX.

I can deal with live weather meaning “latest forecast weather” if that latest forecast is reasonably recent. However these bugs are persistent regardless of any forecast. The issues are Global on my end, and potentially many others if they check close enough.

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As @SkippyBing said, im also only getting real weather on the first flight after launching the sim. Haven’t tried to do a long flight to see if it keeps updating.