Live weather vs metar and wind issues after SU10


Since SU10 I noticed 2 things in LIVE weather:

  1. Live weather often does NOT match the metar, i.e., metar reporting visibility 9999, while in the sim there is a strong haze. This happens very often. Or, metar reporting thunderstorm and rain with CBs, while no rain, no lightnings, no towering clouds in the sim.
  2. Wind continuously changes direction and intensity, in my opinion that’s exaggerated… The wind arrow on the Fenix A320 ND continuously moves and the wind speed numbers continuously change…
    What do you think?

iv been getting crazy winds since su10 aswell. just took off from dublin and volanta was saying 15 knot winds while in game it was 67knots.

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Those Bugs have been reported
For point #1 check out those 2 threads:

For point #2 check out this thread:

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