Live weather down every day from 23:00-00:12 Zulu (6:00p-7:12p EST)

Sure enough, right at 23:00z, the weather shifted aggressively for me.

Now the weather conditions I’m experiencing in flight at 3500’ are:

  • Temp: -25C
  • Wind 322/38 knots

This is actually representative of the previous day’s weather, not today’s, and it’s not Clear Skies either.

same 2355z still down

Yes, down here also

And like clockwork 0012Z the weather comes back

No live weather is pretty much better than what it generates at the moment when it is ‘working’.


The weather msfs is generating is pretty spot on when it is working correctly.


Well I haven’t seen it work correctly since SU7 then.

I get inappropriate cloud types at inappropriate altitudes.

There is a difference between the severs being online and injected weather into the sim and it actually working.

Please stay on topic. There are over 50+ results in #bugs-and-issues for Clouds as a search term, including these two with recent activity.

This bug report is for Live WX Service availability. Thanks.

Is it possible to get the server downtime updated to more accurately reflect the outage? The post states that live weather goes down at 23:00z which is correct but it says it returns within a few minutes. The live weather does not come back online for 72 minutes until 00:12z, I don’t think ‘a few minutes’ accurately reflects that downtime.


Right. 72 minutes is 5% of the entire day. For anyone in the US, this is probably closer to 20% of the time they may be able to use the sim in the evenings after work. But still. 109 votes. :confused:

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“The service will return to normal status after a few minutes.”
Is this not a blatant lie? We’ve proven that it is EXACTLY 2300-0012z daily and they say a few minutes?
I refuse to believe they honestly think that it only goes down for a few minutes so why would they say that?
Personally this is the first time I feel like I’ve actually been lied to by the devs/community managers.

Edit: see directly below where there could have been a misunderstanding. They may not have meant to say the false information.

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I can’t speak for them so I’m not sure if it’s just a typo, a misunderstanding or something else. The post originally said the weather went down at 00:00 and came back at 00:12z until we pointed out it actually went down at 23:00z not 00:00z as it stated. I’m thinking they changed the times but didn’t change the ‘few minutes’ part of it as it is clearly down for a much longer time than that.

Whatever the reason it doesn’t fill me with confidence, but nothing does in regards to the weather right now.


Okay that makes a lot more sense to me. Thanks for the info.


Whatever the reason the wording is misleading to a lot of people who think after a few minutes they should have the service back when in reality it’s 72 minutes.


Anyone else actually getting live weather now? Seems for me this bug is not occurring today…

I have it too. 3KT of wind coming from 225*. This is a joke.

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Just confirming that Live Weather has stopped for me again. UHSO, clear blue skies, no snow. In reality I would’ve bought a shovel.

And it came back when all predicted!

Brief delay, over an hour is not brief. Disgrace this is still occurring.

I’m impressed you got it down to the minute. I’m now waiting eagerly for weather to pop in , in a minute…


Suddenly IFR! Great catch!

Live weather down for me now.