Live Weather Incorrect after SU 7 January FIx

The METAR indicates no clouds below 12000, however I have clouds at 5000.


Yep, it was incorrect throughout the beta, as we all said, this update should have been to revert back to the old system.


all the issues we had before with METAR are still there unfortunately. when i take new photos I’ll post them. anyone should post them here to help developers and non to understand

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Just taken off from Gatwick with horrific looking massive towering clouds clouds on the ground.

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Why implement METAR clouds when they not are accurate to the weather anyway. It makes us even more confused now what is happening with the weather in the sim. I have said it before and say it again remove those METAR until this new thing with METAR works properly or make it optional for us.


I’ve had the ground clouds as well.


Ground clouds, that exist only on the city(5SM from METAR).

Cross 5SM, and ground visibility 100%.

Heavily unrealistic. Nothing fixed as per expectations.

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Of course not. I was just looking at post your sunset thread and for some reason it took me back to the start. Oh my how much nicer the clouds were before SU5 and then SU7. Both have really destroyed the clouds.

It’s tragic.


We waited almost 2 months after SU7 to get this??? Really a shame how things are being handled, why don’t they reinstate weather pre SU7 and create a beta to test metar integration. Now we’re stuck with a ‘live beta’ which doesn’t work, looks terrible, no feel of realism at all, thanks a lot… again.


Yep still not working. Live weather doesn’t even load most of the time.

And always great variations of wind in altitude generating overspeed with airliners.

the SU7 patch fix is not a golden bullet… there are still a bunch of bugs left unfixed.

we just need to be patient for SU8 to come.

the things they said were fixed are not at all have look at those photos here

Then wait for SU9, SU10, SU11, SU12, SU13…

Any hope that any one update will be a golden bullet is ludicrous.


Hello all,

what I can say (I was in Beta also( today after pass from Beta to standard version I did some tests in my vicinity and Slovakia, especially we have quite clear weather now over country and looks like all is ok, also temperatures and wind. Will do next tests of course but pls be kind also report some ICAO of airports or flight position where you’ve discovered some problems. Also other and Asobo can look then to this.

Absolutely not better than before the patch, and in my case worse.

I simply can’t understand why this is so hard for them to fix.!

This image from a post I made in the feedback thread, but probably belongs in the bugs thread.


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I think it also is good to show some photos/videos together with ICAO and METAR when we say it’s good too. Not just tell that it’s fine and perfect everywhere. It’s as important to give correct information when saying something is perfect as it is when reporting issues in my opinion.


For example, today at 17h zoulou, FL310 above Poitiers (France), wind jump directly from 314°/31kt to 331°/91kt and after few seconds go back to 314°/31kt. During a flight you can have this problem several time.
I have to limit my speed and my altitude to avoid overspeed. When you fly for a virtual airline you can have penality for an overspeed.

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what you want to see if I reported clear weather (nice clear) at Slovakia :slight_smile:

No i mean that if we see something that is perfect we could also share photos that show it matches perfect. This evening i have had nice weather too i must say. It feels like it switches between two different types of weather.

This is what i had today when i flown around New York for a bit. I really like the weather today when it worked as it should :slight_smile:

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