Live weather not showing clouds

I’ve come back to flight sim after SU5 and noticed that although live weather is showing wind strength and direction and indicating clouds in the flight planning screen, when I get into the sim it’s always clear skies. Any ideas what is happening here? I’ve been away from the sim for a while so I may have missed this after SU7

I also noticed live weather is always showing same cloudy graphic in all locations of the word. Live weather seems completely broken to me

Live weather is a bit problematic at the moment. Sometimes it’s fine, but takes a while to load in after starting a flight. Other times you get seemingly random temperature spikes at varying altitudes that mess things up. There’s currently a public beta addressing these sorts of things, but for now the simplest fix is to use the predetermined weather settings.

Thanks. I get no clouds at all and always 3knot wind. Sadly hasn’t worked for me for days

Yeah, until they get it sorted it kind of is what it is. You can always try the beta. I’m just sticking with stock weather for the moment. It’s not ideal, but for me personally it’s not a gamebreaker :man_shrugging:

Ah ok. What’s the public beta all about? They didn’t have when I was playing. Been away for a while though :blush:

Check it out! there’s a whole forum section for it. I’m pretty sure anyone can join, you just have some do some installation finagling. I don’t think it’s super difficult, I just didn’t want to bother with it. I know lots of users are in it though.

There are hundreds of live weather threads already – can we close this one out?

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Hi @ApeJim,
Please join one of the existing topics related to weather in the Bugs & Issues category:
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For information about the beta and how to join, see this announcement: