Live Weather Reports and Discussion

… thanks for this … done👍

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A glimmer of hope… ‘Live’ services going under maintenance at 0700 UTC 1st Sept. It * might * help with the live winds. We’ll soon find out.

Just did an amazing flight in British Columbia.

Was using live weather of course. The visual variations of cloud formations, cover, fog, visibility and lighting was fantastic. Constantly changing and dancing with the clouds in the DA62 was joyful.

But despite all the amazing things going on, alas the wind stuck pretty much right between 220-225 at 1-3 knots, for the entire flight.

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1000% KDCA

and REAL
kdca real

hope so, where did you read that?

hey guys go to this link and upvote the weather issues to be fixed: Live weather is not working

Filed bug report just now through zendesk

Sorry to report, the patch today did not fix the wind issue :frowning:

Patch??? Can you be better clear?


Which patch are you talking about?

I think he was referring to the server side updates they did last night. I think the fix for the weather will have to be a client side patch…Whenever that is, who knows.

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OK, thanks. I did not know about an update.

Concur. Flying over Russia right now, same issue.

Where has HiFi stated they are locked out from modifying the weather? They have stated on their forum that they have no news regarding MSFS at this time. Did I miss something?

first reply in this thread. The thread, not the link to their forum that shows up in the preview.


Thank you for the information, there is no mention of HiFi being locked out of developing for MSFS in their post however.

Well, We’ve finally seen it move into the known issues list.

Let’s hope they can get a team working on it as a high priority and get it fixed within a couple of weeks.


winds don’t appear to be fixed, but other weather elements like OAT, ISA, and pressure seem to be more accurate, especially at high altitudes. Progress?

hope so. I haven’t updated yet as I’m towards the end of my 15 hour flight from Dubai to Auckland. But will report once its updated.

Winds and other weather issues will be, hopefully, fixed in the next update

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It is still completely broken. I started form Juneau PAJN. According to skyvector local pressure was 30.03.

Pressing “B” gave me 30.02 inside the aircraft. Not bad i thought first. 1 minute later i press again -> 29.99…and after 2 minutes again over the airport i press it a third time -> then it was at 30.00…

Sorry but it is a total joke.