Live Weather Reports and Discussion

Feel free to discuss any observations, reports, or feedback about live weather in the simulator here. Additionally, you may use this thread to discuss any Meteoblue related information. Please remember to report any bugs to Zendesk


The weather gods sent us a nice Hurricane for release. :sunglasses:

Genevieve is currently heading north, just off the coast of Mexico. So get your TBMs ready, might be interesting to check it out.


Please also remember to place some screenshots of your findings into the screenshot thread :slight_smile:

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Can anyone confirm if live weather (specifically, upper level winds) are working correctly, when flying in the USA? To check, load up an aircraft like the A320 and check the wind vector on the ND. It should not be showing something like 225/03 everywhere at all altitudes.


Seriously. Someone confirm that live weather and ATIS are working correctly.


Live weather is completely broken for me at this moment. Examples:
LOWI: right now should have hell of a rain - clear skies ingame, despite the world map showing rain
LHPB: I’m actually located here. There is a brutal storm going on here, one of the biggest this year. Clear skies in the sim.

Which is weird, cause Meteoblue shows these rains correctly, so there must be a data connection error.


Please report this using Zendesk.

It’s a shame to hear that Live Weather is still suffering these kinds of issues.


Maybe real world live weather is not included in this release, although that would be a bit of a problem, as it clearly said in the marketing blurb that it was included in the product.

I mean, do you even see a MeteoBlue logo at any point in the sim, loading sim or loading weather.

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Try this in the flight top menu choose the WX button then in the menu click the blue live wx button to refresh…

Hi team,

Live weather seems to work OK with cloud etc as far as I can tell. However winds are consistent all around the planet, 1kt on the ground and 3kts for all upper air winds. Even though on the airport selection screen it will give accurate wind for the airport, it isn’t reflected in sim…

Is anyone else experiencing this?


Unreal. They release the sim without working weather after that insane metoblue video saying how amazing it was. Complete fail.


All I have left to cling to is a crackpot theory that possibly their contract with meteoblue only included full model data for a few regions during the dev period and there was a release day timezone oversight for when to start pushing data for the rest of the world… so maybe it’ll be working tomorrow… who knows.

If by the end of the day tomorrow it’s still not working - people are kind of going to notice… and it’ll be a much bigger deal than a missing bridge. :grimacing:


Really enjoying the sim so far, thank you Asobo for your hard work. I wonder if the live weather and in particular the winds at ground level, are working correctly. Perhaps the data source isn’t yet ready, but so far I’m seeing ground winds far from reflecting the reality. From the Map, there are several winds given, its a bit confusing.

When the airport is selected as departure, the 64/22kts is shown but below that the ground filtered winds are zero?

at 1500ft, we see the 225@3kts phenomenon

FL330 … you guessed it! I see already a thread about this, might as well show n tell -
wind 5


fs20winds Same live weather winds

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Check weather in Europe. See if Winds aloft work. and then report it to Zendesk.

I’ve lost faith that it will ever work. I think it was just too aggressive of a claim to be able to achieve real weather in game.


Nah. They will get it fixed. But when, is the question. Very little faith there. It could be tomorrow. It could be a year from now. And that’s why I cancelled my preorder. Once this fundamental feature is confirmed as working, I’m in.

Don’t know about it being fixed. I think it’s a bigger problem than they are letting on.

Why wouldn’t it be? It’s working fine in Europe. You can take off from Ireland, point the nose west and about 150nm off the coast, the winds will swing to 225/03. It’s a bug, clearly. If they don’t fix it… it’ll make the FSLabs debacle seem like nothing. They have to fix it. With no ActiveSky to lean on, it’ll send the hardcore simmer community into a tailspin.


It works mostly fine in Europe and the rest of the world, regardless of whether you’re on the US or Euro server. And it works occasionally over the US. I really don’t know why this should be a geographic issue but there it is.