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This is massively annoying and I’m about to uninstall this pos of go back to xplane and all ITS annoyances. Load the sim, make a flight plan or load up at an airport with no destination. Live weather will show up, although it’s usually 225/3 or some variation, it certainly doesn’t match METAR info from the airport. If at any time you cancel the flight and go back to the main menu, the weather for the departure airport will show, but any other airport will not show live weather. If you go into the Flight settings, you’ll notice that the live weather tab has defaulted to custom preset. within that preset, the top tab says live weather where it is defaulted to now. but no live weather is present, and you have to restart the sim completely to get live weather back. MASSIVELY annoying.

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Getting this in order should IMO be very high on their list of issues to address if they want MSFS to be seen as a simulator rather than a very pretty game.

I’ve spent more time trying to get the “features” to work on this as I have installing addons into Xplane, which is to say a lot of time. How embarrassing for Asobo.


It seems a lot of people here seem unaware that the weather issue has been acknowledged and is being addressed.

I almost think all these weather threads should be locked as there doesn’t seem to be anything new to add to them other than more complaining/venting about an issue that’s been discussed to death already.

If the next patch, or the one after, breaks it even further — then I think there could be a potential for more discussion but at the moment this has turned into a whinge-fest.

Let the devs work on it and release a fix, hopefully in one of the next two patches.


That’s really great news!

Do you have a link to the confirmation you’re referring to?

Have a look here. (Specifically the development roadmap)

Here too…

The first one mentions that the later-September update should address the main issues with weather.

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Thanks for the links and let’s hope Asobo will address all weather-related issues reported in a not too distant future. As I’ve mentioned before, IMO accurate weather is a key ingredient in a flight simulator.

I fully understand if people getting MSFS just to play around with it don’t bother whether the barometric pressure is correct or not. For those of us though that is looking forward to use MSFS as a proper flight simulator, this is really key.


For me a bug like that is simply a shame! They should have provided us with an immediate fix like every other serious developpper would have! It’s not just a nice to have and “let’s see if we will adress it in our next release”. It’s just a complete NO-GO for such a “high-end” product and should have been fixed as quick as possible!

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No question that to me, accurate weather is more important to flying than scenery is. Scenery is nice to look at but the weather is what we fly in. It’s certainly what attracted me to this sim. I wonder why it’s so difficult for them in implement?

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Making clouds, precipitation etc look pretty, they indeed succeeded in big times. For weather accuracy though, I’m no developer but I think it can be quite tricky.

Looking at a company such as HiFi Simulation Technologies and their Active Sky series which goes back in time almost as long as the MSFS series itself, they’ve invested quite some time and effort into providing accurate weather conditions in flight simulators. Sure, getting basic things right such as local barometric pressure can’t be too hard as long as you have a reliable source. However, for some other things such as winds aloft, various types of turbulence etc, I think it’s not equally simple to model that correctly.

For this reason, I think it would have been really great if HiFi would have been invited to the party. And maybe they are, only that we haven’t heard anything about it yet. But if not, I think it’s really sad. Both for HiFi of course but also for everyone else, not being able to benefit from HiFi’s unparalleled experience generating realistic weather in flight simulators. In the same way they’ve been doing for decades.

No live weather here.

UK Midlands.

I wrote a similar thread to this here:

Anyone in this thread have the info?

A very valid and interesting question. This also highlights what I wrote in my last reply, how generating weather in a flight simulator that is as close to “live” as you can possibly get…that’s not an easy thing to do.

I’m sure HiFi could tell us lots about this and that is also where all their experience comes into play. These kind of questions are exactly what they’ve been working very hard to find good answers to/solutions for during all the years they’ve been in this business. Looking at their existing products for other flight simulator products, I’d like to say they did pretty well!

Will be most interesting to see how MS/Asobo will address this. If they manage to provide accurate weather similar to what many of us have gotten used to when using HiFi’s products. Or if they will end up reaching out for help. Or if they will improve it to a certain level and then drop it.

I certainly hope it won’t be the last one!

“Come on ASOBO ( ******* ), get a grip.”

Show a little respect please.


So I cleared up the phrase that was quoted from CleverExpert0 after I received a report that my post was flagged by the community. Are you telling me that it was flagged because someone was unable to see that the offensive word was posted by someone else?

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not sure if anybody has checked out Meteoblue’s website, but they have some pretty great weather maps, especially the beta maps. Current maps actually seem to be pretty accurate to what im flying through right now.

Meteoblue Beta Weather Maps


This is cool, thanks!

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Generally working fine for me, flying from the likes of East Midlands and Birmingham, but it seems it has its moments when it doesn’t quite behave.

Back to the general discussion, I think one of the potential causes for the weather not matching METARs exactly is that the weather model is not ‘static’ like everything that went before it. Even HiFi Sim with their various products had distinct ‘weather updates’ that occurred on a schedule, even if the changes were blended in over a short period to avoid seeing a sudden change of clouds/wind etc.

I stress that I am guessing here, but I think MSFS’s atmosphere is more of a living thing, and once loaded it kind of evolves in its own way according to a set of rules. That would explain why the barometric pressure can change relatively quickly in a short time, even if you sit on the ground for 15 minutes - it cannot be coming from METAR updates every few minutes! I do not know if the weather downloads new updates while you fly (perhaps only if you head over the horizon where no weather is yet loaded), or if it just evolves locally in its own way on every flight from the starting point when you load your flight. It would be nice to know more about its design.

If it does work on the basis of naturally evolving, it might explain some of the behaviour along with the difficulty of getting exact conditions at airports according to METARs. It’s all speculation on my part, in any case :upside_down_face:

“evoloving naturally”…that sounds very positive for sure. The reality isn’t that brigt. The live-weather (incl. local pressure) is actually completely broken. Thats why.

“Completely broken”? I think that’s going too far. I’m not here to defend it, I’m here to suggest why it might not be a simple as it was in FSX with fixed ‘weather stations’.

Before Active Sky came along, you would always get a change in clouds at the same point in the sky, mid way between two weather stations (if the weather was sufficiently different between the two points). The weather at each airport or weather station might have matched the METAR to the precise number, but the experience of flying through the skies was poor at best.

The new weather model is likely generated from various data sources of MeteoBlue. It’s clearly not reliant on taking only local METARs to generate the weather and interpolate all point in between; that’s my point.

Even so, is live weather working as expected all the time? No. That’s why it’s on the “known issues” list.


Another reason why I’m personally frustrated with the weather system. What does Meteoblue show? A winter storm. What does local radar show? A winter storm. What does the METAR show? A winter storm. What does the sim show? A beautiful day without a single cloud in the sky. This is the unacceptable part of the weather system. I totally get a few issues here and there. I’ve even accepted (for now) the altimeter and winds not matching… but come on Asobo/Microsoft!!

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