Live Weather + Seasons?

Good evening forum,

Just curious since this is my first “season change” on the sim. Will the outside world reflect season changes?

Up north we’re already having nights / mornings below zero with frost. The maples are bright red and everything else orange and yellow.

We typically get snow before halloween but so far everything in the sim is bright green.

Just curious is it will gradually change as the season changes ?

Thanks in advance.

No seasons. You’ll need a mod for that.


Snow cover is modeled. However, you will still have summer trees and grasses but it will be covered in snow. You must use Live Weather for this effect.

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Thanks for that, very helpful!

So I assume the “best of both worlds” would be live weather for modeled snow + a fall add-on.

There is a “four seasons” mod that is pretty popular on the forum:


If you want tree colors to change and flowers in the spring, check out the addon of @bijanstudio,


Great minds think alike!!

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I did purchase / install that one and have the Fall N installed. Would I be safe to assume that while, that will take care of the landscape vegetation / tree’s. MSFS (with live weather) will add in the snow?


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@skypilotYTS I really don’t know that… Last winter I did not have it. Read the topic I linked… it’s big… search for Snow :wink: btw if you don’t use Life Weather, you can set any snow you like in the weather dialog.

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MSFS is working on implementing seasons as well. It’s slated for next year sometime.


Purchased the 4 Seasons pack and spent quite a bit of time flying around the north with it today. HUGE difference.

I mean, it is only vegetation / tree’s, but still a HUGE difference flying around and not having everything bright green in Northern Ontario part way through October.

Highly recommend.

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