Live weather shut down or what

I got a pop during load that said something to the effect that my weather file is old, do u want the current file. I said yes. When started at KPIA, it was clear in stead of snow and -7. The SAT in the airplane said 20C.

Can someone look into this, I am on Live Weather but no joy. I will report what I see in Dallas when I get there. Current ATIS there is 2800 overcast with heavy wind. I also live here so that is what I see with temp of 2c, as of 6pm CST.

Winds seem to be working at least at FL 360, getting 345 GS.

Need repro and screenshots. I have never heard of a “weather file” error ever in this sim. Are you running any weather or other environment mods?

Can’t confirm…

Below live weather over Schiphol EHAM does look like storm… and it has a storm coming up, most flights are cancelled, code red today :smiley_cat: have fun over the Netherlands, coming 6-8 hours, await 10-11 Beaufort

I didn’t say I had a file error. Anyway, the weather at DAL destination appeared to be correct. I am not sure if this was one of at KPIA, I will test and take screenshots today, if I run into any issues. I am generally content with weather in MSFS, I just didn’t know if this was a bug. Thanks, I will report back.

The pop up would be useful to capture in a screenshot for repro. Otherwise, we’re not quite sure what it is you’re seeing.

Get ready we had gusts of 69kts (12 Beaufort) this morning in the UK where I live.

Stay safe.

it is working correctly today, started KPIA and temp and weather was fine. Not sure what happened that day, if I get a problem again, will take screenshots. Thank you

Wow, I don’t know how that big jets TV guy does a live show in these conditions. Stay warm.

As u can see the weather is not depicting current condition. Look at the Metar, that is correct, but the weather in the sim is not matching.

Today, WX is working correctly.

This is at KBMI at 10:30 Central

Weather Engine is not consistent. Should be broken, and it’s clear.

Actually, it’s not working at all, I am stuck at 29.92

US East Server, it matches up with METAR.

Ok, thank u. I will try the online functionality toggle next time.

Here is the screenshot of that message about weather

Hi @skybirds1011,
This dialog doesn’t have anything to do with Live Weather. It’s a dialog that your MSFS settings do not match with what is stored in the Cloud vs what is stored on your PC.

If this pops up, I would choose to keep the PC. Then go into settings and check everything. If all is good, exit from MSFS. Doing this will resync your settings to the cloud. Relaunch MSFS again; that dialog should not pop up again (if the sync occurred).

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