Live weather winds and temperature aloft incorrect

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Winds and temperature aloft with live weather are incorrect, the figures showing appear to be outdated by at least 24 hours. Please see example below of the expected winds and temp at point SUXAN vs actual in the sim, as can be seen temp, wind direction and speed are incorrect.

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02nd July 2024 1600 UTC

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Observe live weather winds and temps aloft vs expected.

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Been an issue since Alpha.

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There are always uncertainties in the forecasts used for planning. 36 degrees and 11 knots error is not excessive. Besides, your flight level is 350, FP says otherwise. Wind shear could have contributed to the difference you observed.

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Yeah I understand that but the winds during this flight were way off, often by 90+ degrees and 20-30 knots. Comparing the GRIB data it seems it was injecting upper winds from around -12 hours.

These winds on the OFP were for cruise level FL350.

Personal Comments and Observations

Curiosity - where is the second screenshot coming from?

Simbrief OFP

Hm. Assuming they use the same sources as Navigraph, they pull from Rainviewer and NOAA.

It would be interesting to compare them to Meteoblue since that’s the API feed for Live WX.

Another example from today at point LUL @ FL360 cruise v FL360 cruise on OFP

Actual sim winds: 303/40
Simbrief OFP winds: 325/92

Shouldn’t be seeing a difference of 50+ knots for upper winds.

Confirmed with Windy also for this Flight Level that it we should be experiencing head winds of around 90-120 knots


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Yeah, I’ve also compared with some of the company OFPs for the Airline I work for and they are matching up closely with Simbrief winds.

I’m not sure how I would go about checking the Meteoblue data?

They have an Aviation Weather view, but you’d have to go and dig around their public site. I think the historical weather window is limited behind a paywall. Probably best to fly a current time flight and compare sample points since it should be available right then.

I see. Well it should have a pretty easy repo rate for the dev team, so hopefully it can be bug logged and pushed to them for analysis.

Thank you for the additional information and an example. I agree, it does look like outdated data is injected.
It would be good if the weather source was shown in the weather debug window. As it is now, anything may go on on the cloud servers and is hard to diagnose.

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Interesting topic, as it really seems to expose a pretty big deficiency in the Live Weather modeling. Pretty big deal for those who like to do accurate flight planning.

Me? I just toodle around and fly from point to point without regard to schedules. :laughing:


No problem, although I’m curious as to how as the end user we’re meant to solve this?