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Is it just me or the current live weather implementation is bit off. I was flying VFR earlier at 2000ft and I was getting 40 kts tailwind and yet real forecasted weather was 25kts at that specific time. I even had a look at and I was getting completely different winds. Even upper levels winds were completely different. Any suggestions?

Check correct forecast model. (i think it is NEMS 30, Asobo needs to confirm this i bet) It’s hard for both Asobo and Meteoblue to fix data issues if you don’t report location. I can recomend report location in coordinates, altitude and time. Because both location,altitude and time has different winds.

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Sim Live Weather is based on Meteoblue data feed. While the data feed itself is not directly accessible by sim users, you should browse and the Aviation subsection (left menu) and then use the METAR/TAF view. A right menu should appear with more options. This should be closer to sim conditions.

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Couple things here, just for clarification.

Wind forecasts are like every other forecast… a forecast. Upper level winds are always jus a forecast.

Surface winds on METARS are measured winds at the time of publication. Not uncommon to have a significant wind shift, either direction or speed in between reports.

Ex: Local forecast for this afternoon at my home field is 8 gusting to 17. It is - 30c here and building exhaust is drifting straight up. Has been all day.
Upper level forecast is 6000 165 @ 30. I can see our mill and the exhaust is dissipating at about 3000 ft agl (5200 asl) directly over the mill.
Doesn’t get calmer than that.

Not suggesting that you do not have an issue but I am suggesting further test at other fields to determine if this is a case of the Sim miscalculation or if it’s just “Real Weather” at that location.

Thanks - I will try to fly at different airfields and compare the weather. I was flying mostly in southern UK last evening when I noticed those winds.

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