Liveries Megapack installation failure


Tried to install Liveries Megapack. Gives an error and also tries to remove folders in AppData local…

01-02-20 23:14:20 +01:00 [Debug] Utility: Starting to delete folder: C:\Users.…\AppData\Local\…\app-\Data

And that app folder is not megapack folder…

Anyone with same error?


I discovered that it only runs on 64bit. I had checked the install in a virtual machine which was 32 bit.

The only thing is that i discovered two websites. and I guess that the last one is the right one…

Still strange that a program wants to delete other folders in a local user folder.

Case closed

While you can get it from those hosts, they also have their own site at wich also holds a download manager.

Thanks for the tip!

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