Liveries - Megapack V7 from msfsaddons - Grand total of 154 liveries for 11 of the in-game aircraft

Download link, installation instructions, credits to creators are all listed in the link below.


I downloaded the first pack of liveries for the A320 that came out. One or two notable exceptions, but the majority of them were either poor low res efforts (one of the Delta ones for starters) or just plain recycle bin worthy. I don’t see the logic in lumping 154 liveries together, especially when the quality is questionable. The option of being able to 1) see screenshots of individual ones and 2) the ability to download the individual ones you want is surely better.


Are you seriously complaining about free stuff that some people decided to get together and create?

if you honestly believe they’re of bad quality then you can go to the link’s page and look up the names of the people who made the pack and complain to them personally, i’m sure they’ll appreciate your input since you seem to know what you’re talking about.


clam down bro…

Strix I keep seeing you trying to reply for way too long now, I have no idea what essay you’re trying to write down, but whatever issues you may have with the pack, please, go to the link, the names of ALL the creators are there, talk to them about any issues you have with their pack, I am not the address, I have no contact with the creators, I do not know them, I simply posted the link for their work.


I’m not the creator, all credits go to the original creators, their names are in the link’s page.

I’m not complaining, it’s feedback and also questioning why it’s all in one big pack. I tried it when it was first released as above and I wasn’t impressed with some of what I saw. Some of it was good, some not. If you add something to a sim it should enhance it, not make it look worse. A low res texture or logo is still a low res texture or logo, free or not.

I just think the option of choosing what you want to download , and what you think isn’t worth it, is the better one. However if people are entirely happy with what’s on offer, then that’s for them to decide.

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Whatever the case may be, if you’re going to get in contact with the creators, please refrain from calling their work “recycle bin worthy”

I personally would take great offense from that if I worked on it, wasted my own free time and released it for free to anyone to download.

I agree. I do appreciate the guesture, but for now, especially in these early days, I’m happy to keep my MSFS 2020 install vanilla. Let’s give it some time to settle-in with the wider community before adding in all sorts of extras. I was very picky about addons with XP11. To this day, I only ever bought three carefully researched and validated full-price 3rd party addons for XP11, and I never used any freeware at all. I intend to be just as selective with MSFS 2020. Keep it simple, but high-quality.

your comment is trash can worthy as well.

It’s in one pack because you can’t just copy multiple discrete liveries for the same plane into the Community folder.

All the liveries and associated aircraft,cfg’s and textures have to be itemized, indexed and merged into a single folder for that aircraft…

Hopefully someone will write a tool to automated the merging of liveries per aircraft to make everyone’s life easier.

Despite being a new sim, it’s amazing how complex the livery process is.

It’s only drag and drop at the very top layer.

The sim should build it’s own livery database from what it finds in the Community folder, but for now, it all has to be done manually.

Perhaps the community has jumped into this faster than Asobo can keep up.