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So I tried making my own Savage Cub livery, and when I put the files in the community folder(using the same logic for the A320neo liveries), the game crashes when I load it up. Does anyone know why this is happening?

You may try also since it gives 50gb free data.

i am trying to find the correct directory structure for the community folder and the liveries so as not to make a mess of the system.
the current method, while it works, is messy.
does anyone have any information as the SDK does not define it.

Some great textures here Thank you to the people who took the time to do them.

Can someone do a British Airways A320NEO please?

There is one in the megapack now

Using that right now but that is also limited to a certain amount of downloads

They are so beautiful.
Can anyone do TAP Portugal?


I waiting for a Swiss International Airlines one. They have 2 NEO’s in the fleet:)


and they look really good, SAS and Swiss really nailed it

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Tnx mate, looks good! :blush:

Wunder schön Kann einer Bitte die AUA Machen Danke


Nice work guys, im hoping someone will make the ANA livery, i would be really happy, kinda sad i dont know how to edit and contribute, anyway thanks for everything guys :smiley:

someone can make one for arkia?


I had the pack installed yesterday and I could see Delta, Spirit, Saudia, etc just fine.
I saw the pack this morning so I wiped out the old pack and pasted in the new pack but all I can see now is Delta. Anyone know what the dealio is with that?

Still needs some work


Is anyone able to work on a FedEx livery for the C208? Thanks!


Well done, love these thank you so much!!


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Any chances that one of you gets me my plane that i fly IRL?


increadible work its sooooo good