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Delta Airlines A320 by SpeedM!


Well done, do we have a guide on how to install them?

for the delta just drag and drop into the community folder

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And for the mega pack? Not really clear!

Megapack by: Clinx123 edited by Abdul and maniac knight

-Spirit Airways
-Air China
-Air Canada

how to install:

None of this work was done by me I am just helping to share their work


So all megapack liveries we just put in Community folder and thats it? We dont have to edit the .cfg file?


No :slight_smile: Just put it straight in and its ready to go!


Thanks for this. I wanted to create som JetBlue liveries but had to do a clean windows install and needed to download photoshop again. With the pain kit it will make it much easier.


Hey there! Clink123#3976 here. Please change the link in this post to be my link which will update over time! Much easier that way and that way credit is given properly. I’m sure you know where to find the link if you copied it to your own.

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Git Repository with all liveries so far


Thank you!

Spring Airlines - Still a WIP…


Where can I find the mega pack a320neo livery?

Done :slight_smile:

Drive Link For Install:
Install Tutorial:

Note: Mega automatically encrypts. If you need a Decryption Key, It Is: NUXmBj5tc8VkTVx_RiYtzw

Here’s a conglomeration on how it all works:

Known Bug: Your plane livery thumbnail cards may be disappeared - go out of the hangar and back in again once or twice, they will load eventually. This occurs on an update.

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is the mega pack going to be updated? a lot of the lines don’t match up on the bottom, and the delta is messed up at the wing

I cannot find the folder to put it in? Anyway to figure out where it installed to?

The air canada is showing the wrong picture. It’s using the saudi picture instead. Please take a look.

it must be a bug. you can add your own icons if you wish