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the mega pack is from a varity of authors and will be updated as needed

Yes it will be updated!

New Lufthansa Livery A320
Recommend using the mega pack.



in the discord there is a paint kit that you can use i think

What airliners come in mega pack?

I linked the paintkit at the top

just the a320 for now

use the paintkit and the template linked in the discord for now

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I made a quick set of packages to enable the AI traffic plane liveries for use. New liveries are available for the Cessna 172 G1000, Daher TBM, and Airbus A320. These are the only planes with unique liveries for AI planes. These liveries are included with the base game, but unavailable to the player to use without these packages.

EDIT: Update has been made to fix the red frost on a couple of the Cessna 172 liveries. Sorry for that oversight.

EDIT 2: I have corrected a missing texture issue on the TBM liveries, updated all packages to use the newly discovered method of adding liveries without replacing any files, and added the traffic liveries from the G1000 version of the 172 to the analog version as well.

Small note with the classic 172. Currently I change the tail color by hex editing the model itself. The highest LOD variant of the classic 172’s exterior model is encrypted and not available to use. Asobo have also not yet implemented a fix for the atc_id_color field in aircraft.cfg, so it is impossible to use this to set color at this time. As such, I have simply re-used the exterior model from the G1000 version of the 172 for the classic version of the plane, with traffic liveries 1 and 3. The lower detail LOD versions of the model do show some subtle differences, however I have checked very closely for any issues and have not spotted any. I also did not spot any differences between the two versions of the model, so I am unsure what the differences in the file actually represent. If you notice any issues with these two liveries specifically on the classic 172, it’s probably caused by this. I will release an updated version which does not rely on model edits once Asobo fixes atc_id_color.

Obviously you will want to delete the old packages before installing the new ones. Download link is the same as before, revisit the below link to download:!AhuMaF-FsKU-jg7Hgu4-FrYi2qBB?e=E3LuZ5


Maybe i did a mistake but i dint have the Lufthansa Livery. All the others worked well.

Megapack has now been updated! Please install at the same link.

Cathay Dragon my first custom livery.

It’s not of top-notch quality but it’s worth a try.
I would appreciate any tips on how to improve. Hope you enjoy!

Download Link:


I love it! A reasonably accurate Asian airline to fly :slight_smile:

Any chance you could straighten out the cheatline, though? It bends below “Dragon” a little.

Did my best to flatten it out. Hope you like it C:

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Thanks so much mate!!

Dont know if this is your website but you shouldnt host files from a 3rd party developer without permission even when its freeware. You can link it with the original link from the dev.
Propably its no issue as they are free anyway but always be cautios with stuff like this.
Cheers :slight_smile:

the mega pack has permission

Im talking about the Drzewiecki AddOn Airports. :wink: