Livery FAQ and Information

Hi all, please use this subcategory to discuss, showcase, and post anything related to liveries.

General FAQ

Who to contact when you have troubles installing

Please read the creator’s threads, refer to the FAQ/Installation videos or send author(s) a PM. For megapack, issues refer to the discord here.

Missing/Broken links?

Send a PM/post directly to the creators any other posts here will be deleted

Where do I post livery suggestions/fix recommendations for existing paints

Send a PM/post directly to the creators. Do not post any third party livery bugs/problems in the “Bugs” section of the forums.

Where do I post new livery suggestions for a new paint that does not exist

Feel free to post it here: Livery Request List - #14

What happened to the livery master lists and why are they locked?

Moving forward, you can find liveries posted in this subcategory. In other words, the livery lists won’t be updated and users can post threads directly in this category if they would like to feature and discuss their liveries.

This will make it so that you can discuss certain liveries with the creator themselves. One huge problem with the livery lists is that users will always want to deviate from the “no discussion” rule so, this method will make it so that you can discuss any concerns or comments.


Please note that uploading paints that require you to install by replacing the default paint is NOT ALLOWED!
Please use the methods/tools found in the Megapack discord server
OR read and understand this post: MSFS - [GUIDE] Creating Livery Packages for MSFS | FSDeveloper

Please take into account that asking for donations is not allowed in the forum due to the CoC rule:

This forum is not to be used for advertising non beneficial, non-Microsoft Flight Simulator related businesses, organizations, or websites. Promoting or asking for donations is prohibited.

If you suspect or have proven any files to contain livery theft, or any form of piracy contact @Ryanosaurs13 or use the flag/report function.

Useful links

Find megapack download link here
Paintkit by @SpeedM!
Liveries discussion by @Zyonix007
Painting Tutorial by @tomlaut1980


Few other things/Disclaimers:

  • None of the painters are responsible for any broken files on your behalf.
  • It is strongly urged to keep backups of default files and backups of your own paints as the content manager may, without warning, wipe out any non-official files.
  • Methods, installations, and paints can always change, please take this into consideration as the flight sim will continuously update.
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