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Thanks, was hoping to repaint one of the actual school 172s but haven’t worked out how to get rid of the default scheme! Hopefully this will do for now.

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I haven’t dived to far into repaints yet, they seem a bit more difficult in fs2020 than others. But I did do a paint of a 172 in fsx and xplane way back. It is very exciting to see someone else interested in painting a k-state 172. Hopefully removing the default scheme gets figured out soon :).

Find the edited version

You can find Volaris here:


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Civil Air Patrol 208B Grand Caravan
Inspired by Novawing24’s FSX livery
Now Available on the Nexus

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I just did the Frontier you can find it in here Master A320Neo Livery List

I’m trying to do the Brussels Airlines livery. But I can’t even get a template loaded in MSFS.
Must be doing something wrong with the json and/or cfg file.
Also a Sabena 747 would be nice.


Can anyone make this skin for the C25C “CJ4” “C-FLWR” its operated by Chartright Air


Thank you, can you post the jpeg here, i’m currently at work

Are there any other liveries for the B787 ? And congrats for the person who made the NZ one, it looks just stunning. !

There are a few. Someone’s made a SQ livery already though, but I have no idea where its download link is!


Please see 325 liveries for MSFS.

Get the Intel DDS plugin.

Welcome, sure


Amazing job man. love it

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Early WIP

Sorry if this was asked before but how should I add a livery that is not in the megapack to have both the megapack and the new livery?

Wow… I love that livery!! :stuck_out_tongue:

Tiger air Taiwan, Coming Soon…


From about 8:40 it’s explained how you can add liveries.