Livery : Glossy to matte

Pilot friends good evening! I am looking to modify an existing livery with a glossy paintwork and transform it into matte, without modifying the hue or color, just from glossy to matte. Does anyone know how to do that?
Thank you in advance

I think if you modify the “COMP” DDS file into something, it would change the way the livery “shines”. I might be wrong though.

But I do have an issue yesterday with a LATAM livery where my fuselage is showing as matte. So I had to remove the COMP file from the livery mod, and repackage it again so it can use the default Comp file from the default A320. And it shows up as glossy again.

So you might want to do the same way that I did, but in reverse.

Hi Neo, thanks for your reply, then, if i simply remove the COMP file it should be good ?

Uhh… no… You have to edit the Comp file with your texture editing tool to give it a matte effect instead. I don’t know how to do it, but given my experience with the comp file, it does manage how the shine and matteness of the livery is for the entire livery.

i see… so i dont have any tool for the moment, i will investigate about that, many thanks Neo :wink:
I tought it would be possible to just edit a text file somewhere…

To adjust gloss/matte, you need to adjust the green channel in the comp file. I’ve got a video on it here:
Flight Sim Liveries: Creating Metal Effects in Photoshop

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