Livery paint bleeding in Blender

Hi, I’m using NSFS to Blender and finding that in some parts of the A320 NEO model the stencil paint spreads in other areas and particulatly when pianting on the fin. (Itried attaching a video of the problem, but being new user wasn’t allowed)
Has anyone come across this problem and found a solution?

Hi ShakenGymnast, welcome… Have you checked (updated) all MIP-levels of the livery texture ? And what application are you using to edit your texture ?

(maybe upload your video to YT instead, put a link, or post a few pictures, showing the issue… I’m not sure if I inderstand the cause of the problem… changes in textures with proper UV coords should be local !)

Hi, thanks for the response… I download a a white template ready to paint model for blender which worked absolutely fine!
No idea why the official A320 model I copied didn’t like it.
Also, no idea what MIP is as I’m quite new to blender and Flight Sims on the PC.

Well, MIP-levels have to do with LOD (level of detail). In a DDS-texture they should be updated, but when you made the texture in Blender it would be .PNG bitmap, and updated by the SDK. Are you sure of size and version… when things go wrong in texture positioning it always has to do with UV coords issues or size. What happens if you start out with an existing texture and modify that ?

I don’t think I’ve enough info to proceed on. Maybe someone else wil recognize the issue… :wink:

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