Livery Upgrade Kit - Fix Broken Liveries Due to Latest ( Update

The latest MSFS Update ( caused many issues with Liveries due to the missing model folder.

I have created an upgrade script that will automatically upgrade your liveries to the required format.

If you would like this, join us on discord and see the #livery-upgrade-kit


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That site is nothing but pure hassle. It’s off my list now.

What is a hassle about it?

So I’ve seen this “required” model folder fix mentioned a few times. How come many of my liveries don’t need it?
It seems to me the actual solution lies elsewhere. Does anyone actually technically know why this is the (a?) solution?

From what I’ve seen, switching the dependency from the c172 folder to the propdefs folder fixed one livery for me. I’m still struggling with the Savage Cub, and my C152 liveries just work, without any dependency or anything. I’m finding all these different ways that people create their packages and set up files very confusing. I’d love to see Asobo respond with exactly how to get this stuff working. It seems like we’re all just fishing and sometimes catching something, but that no one really understands the actual file structure and package layout completely.

And it seems the aircraft are not consistently created or something, since it seems different planes act differently to package structure. Maybe it’s an issue in the propdefs? I’m quite frustrated as I can’t picture a working structure or understand why what does what or where it should link to to work, if you know what I mean.

No clue. Seems like a question for microsoft. The only thing we can do is fish, bc they don’t provide documentation. So this is the solution that was found to work with everything, and thus that’s what we implemented.

When I go to discord all I see is the word Discord in the upper left corner. Nothing else on the screen. It’s never been easy for me to deal with. Are there any alternatives to it? I’d love to get the livery upgrade kit but can’t because Discord wants nothing to do with me.

Please help. Thanks.

Do you think there would be a fix next update tho?

That’s up to Asobo. I hope so but you never know.

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Thank god it’s been fixed in Update 6 :grin:

With this latest update, December 2020 - I found the liveries for the Baron G58 broken - I found that they had changed the texture names by adding “AIRFRAME” to Fuse/Wings/Engine textures. So I fixed those - but haven’t figured out the 747 yet. The “Hull” texture isn’t loading - the tail loads - but not the Fuse.

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Where would one find Baron G58 liveries. I’ve just started looking, but if you can post a link it could save me a lot of time and hassle.

Thank you in advance.

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Thx for the reply, Rebel.