Living World Config - We need a tag in <Airport> like <Airport icao=xxxx>

Obviously, there are thousands of airports in any given region with totally different traffic patterns.

The last thing I want to see is a fire truck running around my local GA airport. the only time I ever see that is if there’s a problem. That’s just a single example among many.

Airport Services can (apparently) be designed to work specifically at a given airport.

For Living World Config files, however, the smallest region seems to be basically a whole country.

Please add a tag to the <Airport> section of a Living World Config definition such that a given Living World Airport description acts only at a specific airport. So something like is in the title <Airport icao=KASH> for instance, and everything up to the next </Airport> tag only describes traffic and parking at that airport.

This is causing a lot of problems for lots of users who are trying to limit traffic at their local airport.

I get that <Traffic> and <Boats> sections would likely be kind of regional only. I would argue that about boats, but, how do you define a region for Boats? Maybe a radius around a point? Maybe something like <Boats loc=NxxxxWxxxx r=100(mi)>?

Anyway, this wish is for a tag for the Living World Config <Airport> definition to make it airport specific. It would solve a ton of problems.

Is there an SDK Wishlist forum where this functionality might get more visibility from developers?

Hi there,

You can post an idea on, if you haven’t already. I also try to put the tag #sdk on every Wishlist topic dealing with the SDK so that if anyone wanted to sort through all of the SDK Wishlist topics, they could do so by searching tag:sdk.

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