Living World Config - We need a tag in <Airport> like <Airport icao=xxxx>

Obviously, there are thousands of airports in any given region with totally different traffic patterns.

The last thing I want to see is a fire truck running around my local GA airport. the only time I ever see that is if there’s a problem. That’s just a single example among many.

Airport Services can (apparently) be designed to work specifically at a given airport.

For Living World Config files, however, the smallest region seems to be basically a whole country.

Please add a tag to the <Airport> section of a Living World Config definition such that a given Living World Airport description acts only at a specific airport. So something like is in the title <Airport icao=KASH> for instance, and everything up to the next </Airport> tag only describes traffic and parking at that airport.

This is causing a lot of problems for lots of users who are trying to limit traffic at their local airport.

I get that <Traffic> and <Boats> sections would likely be kind of regional only. I would argue that about boats, but, how do you define a region for Boats? Maybe a radius around a point? Maybe something like <Boats loc=NxxxxWxxxx r=100(mi)>?

Anyway, this wish is for a tag for the Living World Config <Airport> definition to make it airport specific. It would solve a ton of problems.

Is there an SDK Wishlist forum where this functionality might get more visibility from developers?

Hi there,

You can post an idea on, if you haven’t already. I also try to put the tag #sdk on every Wishlist topic dealing with the SDK so that if anyone wanted to sort through all of the SDK Wishlist topics, they could do so by searching tag:sdk.

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I do wish this subject would get some attention, even if it’s just “Yeah, we’ve thought about it some, but we won’t be able to get to it until '24 or so”

(I’m at the stage in life where years fly by like nuthin’ :slight_smile: )