LLH Courchevel LFLJ released

Located at an altitude of 2,006 meters, the altiport has an asphalt runway 80 meters wide and only 537 meters long with a gradient of 18.66%.
Because of its dangerousness, only pilots with the “mountain wheel” qualification can take off and land there.
The runway is permanently cleared of snow, allowing planes to fly without skis, but snow piles can limit the runway edges.
The altiport also has a heliport in the dedicated area below.

Main characteristics :
To faithfully reproduce the relief around the altiport, the mesh has been redrawn with an accuracy of 5 meters.
High resolution ground textures entirely retouched by hand.
The tunnel passing under the runway is actually modeled.
Extremely detailed 3D modeling using high resolution textures.
A realistic snow cover appears automatically from November to April.
The clock on the hangar is functional and synchronized with the simulator.
Windsocks and flags are customized and animated.
Several ski lifts are represented.
The Saulire cable car (the summit of Courchevel) and the Vizelle gondola are animated.
Downloaded file size : 333 MB.
Space required: 1.30 GB.


Wish i hadn’t bought an alternative version now. Can’t justify getting it twice

bought twice? there is only the free version of Asobo/MS, the rest are freeware addons which just add helipads, watch the video and you will see what has been added

Ah, my bad - I’ve confused it with Alps d’Huez i think.

So many choices :crazy_face:

Looks great. Is it compatible with “Project Lifts” by mamu?

Hi Archer374

yes exclusion zones have been created in order to not have duplicates things between this scenery and the Mamu Design freeware addon


Great. Thanks!

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