LLH Meribel Altiport LFKX

The Méribel altiport is one of five French mountain airports with a hard sloped runway.

It is located less than 5 km flight from the famous Courchevel mountain airport (LFLJ for MSFS already available).

The Méribel Robert Merloz altiport (code LFKX) is an approved altiport for restricted, uncontrolled use, located in the so-called “Trois Vallées” ski area, between Val Thorens and Courchevel.

The 406 meters asphalt runway with a width of 15 meters is located at an altitude of 1719 meters and has a maximum slope of 11% (average slope 7%).

The runway is never cleared of snow, so skis are obligatory, but any landing is prohibited on ungroomed runway.

Main characteristics :

To faithfully reproduce the relief around the altiport, the mesh has been redrawn with an accuracy of 1.5 meters.
High resolution ground textures entirely retouched by hand.
Extremely detailed 3D modeling using high resolution textures.
A realistic snow cover appears automatically from November to April, covering the Altiport, including the groomed runway…
The clock on the hangar is functional and synchronized with the simulator.
Windsocks and flags are customized and animated.
Many ski lifts are represented.
Downloaded file size : 290 MB.
Space required: 738 MB.

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Looks lovely but it in my opinion is missing one thing…people …it’s a tourist destination yet apart from a few asobo workers not a single person i can see. They really do make a difference.
The current version by orbx i think it is while not as nice looking as yours does have a few people dotted around so will stick with that

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it’s a designer’s choice, there aren’t more people at certain large international airports and that doesn’t stop the community from going there, I understand that you miss the ‘sims’ people, nothing’s stopping you to add elements via P42 Campout with pets for example :slight_smile:
any comment is welcome, I will forward your comment to the creator

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people add to the immersion and yes it is a persons choice some people don’t even like interiors to airports. But people are at airports , they do often get missed but find a real airport with no people
(cant add people with campout wish you could)

I appreciate both types of airports, airfields, with or without people, I don’t always take the time to look at these kinds of details depending on the flights I make
sometimes it is a choice made voluntarily by the creators to save ‘resources’ that why this choice is made
but as I told you, I forwarded your comment to LLH directly

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Happy to see that some developpers didn’t forget it’s a flight simulator…not Sim City or the Sim’s.Happy also to see that ressources like in nature are not endless and that it deserves some attention so as to keep intact our pleasure to fly with decent frame rates.I’m also frightened by this virtual world with these zombies like inhabitants :smiley: Just my 2 cents.


But the idea of a flight simulator is to represent reality… and you can’t do that without people. Terminal interiors I can live without, but people make small airports and airfields more intimate, and thus more realistic.

Look at Burning Blue Design’s UK airfields — they’re immersive because they feature people.


I can’t say that Burning Blue Airfields are frame rate friendly to say the least but developpers should think about options to disable some features not necessary for everybody depending on the use and hardware we have and what we want to neglect or add (true to life rendition or fluid flights).All is a balance matter.As a matter of fact,Fs2020 has made huge progress in scenario objects optimization but I think some developpers make an overuse of what they can add to their scenarii.Except on weekends there are not so many people on these airfields.You can trust me I ve been flying for 30 years and I can assure you this is not as crowded as if we were at an airshow everyday…

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People aren’t as necessary in large airport environments but they are at small airfields (certainly in Europe), particularly on a sunny summer’s day. I’ve not had an issue with BBD’s airfields but I only own two (but am aware that Solent, Goodwood and a couple of others present problems). I can’t imagine flying into Popham or Rochester and seeing no people milling around. The people sort of make those airfields.

But people interpret immersion in different ways. As someone who likes to fly both GA and airliners, I think MSFS’s eye candy is pretty important for immersion.

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The Langoliers :grinning:

maybe some users don’t like seeing people with t-shirts and shorts with a layer of snow and weather at -15 degrees ^^

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Nevermind everybody should be satisfied.Option to activate or deactivate should be considered by developpers to the taste of consumers.I can understand that you think people on airfields adds life to the scenario.On my side I prefer to have a good general rendition of the airport.So it would be nice that developpers think of it Unfortunately you usually have a single bgl file including everything.However I think that Inibuildfor example and a few others have begun to add this possibility in their scenario architecture.