Loading a SimBrief Flight Plan into the Working Title CJ4

Is anyone aware of a video that explains how to load a SimBrief flight plan into the Working Title CJ4? Or at least step-by-step instructions?

I have not seen a video but have done it successfully. The first time I used simbrief, I could not make it work. Make sure you enter your simbrief ID number into the FMS. Page 2 of IDX I believe, then MOD SET. Once it is entered it will stay there. Then make your plan in simbrief. When then in the aircraft, go into FMS and choose page 2 of IDX and select Route. then choose the upper of the 2 options for flight plan… I dont remember what it is labelled as. I am not sure but I think it loads the last plan you made in simbrief as I have never seen a list of plans to choose from in the FMS


Thanks for the help. Followed your instructions and the plan loaded perfectly.


On their Github page there is this link to the SOP

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