Loading blocked when entering in london city from the world map (London City pack by orbx)

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When i select london city airport or the xone near London the loading freeze and stuck
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Seleect london city airport- load–the loading blue bar stop to load
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i9 9900k 3080ti 32gb ram
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Edit: i noticed that if i start from heatrow the loading bar goes good…after that when i load london city in flight or london city airport the loading is succesfull…If i delete London city pack by orbx no problem

well the orbx addon needs an update. its not a sim issue.

may be the London City pack yes

I experience the same issue but for Hong Kong. I am using the Sam Scene 3D Hong Kong scenery. I can’t load at Hong Kong international airport (VHHH) and it will freeze. However, if I load nearby like Macao International airport, then go back to the menu and load Hong Kong International airport, it then works.

If I delete the Sam Scene 3D Hong Kong scenery though, I can load at Hong Kong International airport.

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I have had four frozen loads in London - first with nothing loaded from London City. Then with Orbx scenery and London city.
I have tried from Heathrow and I get the same. I think turning of photo helped. I also (not on topic)
that Azure stops working over London and it get the offline voice.

Like everything - sometimes it works - sometimes not - but I try not to load London. I flew in from Lydd earlier today and it was fine.

the patch made no difference.

Update : I have also deleted London Landmarks and it now works

I have the same problem. Deleted the ORBX add-ons and now no more freezes!