Loading screen and Menu CTD's on PC

Hey all.

I have seen alot of things on social media recently about loading screen and menu CTD’s for xbox users and updates to fix this.

I am on PC and I am having the same issues but have seen or heard nothing about this issue on PC. I have not been able to load a flight for weeks now due to menu and loading screen CTD’s.

Is anyone here having the same issues on PC?

Heve not been able to complete a flight in more than 2 months now.

Ohh and I’m playing on the EU boxed version of the game.

Sad :frowning:

ähmmm… you know how you can use the forum search function, or ?

A first blind shoot question ( because no helpfull infos within the “report” , eg. windows event log ):

  • had you one time google-maps-replacement installed ?

I also assume you refere to your existing topic:

in which you describe the exact same facts.

If so… remove the mods and try again.

In special related to a outdated FBW version/files we have a report that this also cause crash in menu.

Try this if it applies to you: