Loading screen stuck I can’t get to the main menu

After the latest update I can’t even get into the main menu. I deleted all the stuff in my community folder, and when I start up the game, it loads all the way, but it gets stuck when the loading bar fills up. Any help would be appreciated.

same here if you unplug your internet cable it goes to the main menu and it works but shows offline and you cant select servers ,everything under my name is greyed out , also update 10 notes dont show ,just a blank square black box with no text

I have no problem with loading sim but after SU10 the black loading screen come back :frowning: Have this nearly every sim start

Unplug your Internet, cat five cable from your router and then plug it back in and you should be good. The first guy to post was right and it worked for me.

i had to go into data settings and switch back on muliplayer , bing maps and a few others and now my online functions are back , having to pull the ethernet cable out everytime i boot up is a pain but atleast i can play other then that SU10 works great , smoother gameplay