Loading Screen stucks and stops loading (0FPS)

Since I am using the Yoke from Thrustmaster, MSFS sometimes stuck when I want to load and spawn into a flight. Pls see my photos as attached.

Anyone else have the same issue? How can I solve it?

I tried to wait for 10 minutes but nothing happens

Thanks a lot

Yup, there’s like 10 or so threads now on update and blue bar hangups from the past 2 weeks or so.

If you open your xbox app click on your gamer tag and then support. Use the repair tool button.

If the button is gone and only has a support hyperlink, then reinstall the Xbox app(s)

On PC try deleting your XBox app, Xbox game services, Xbox live and reinstall the app. No big deal to delete them but you have to delete all three. Something is wrong with MS authentication structure. XBox has issues too. Can only imagine how many have already tortured themselves with needless re-installations.

Even when you fix it, it will eventually do it again.

I’ve been loading my goodies with add-on linker, but going to the xbox app, hitting repair and then starting from there every time now. Really stinks when it’s the blue bar you watch crawl ALLLL the way across when it’s bugged then the game just goes dead 0 no CPU use. At least the updates hangup is right in the begining if it takes more than 6-10 seconds, the MSFS session is dead.