Loadining problems

At my whitts end. Need help, advice , something. Installed MSFS (24 hrs +) i got the blue bar of death. no matter what I did, nothing. un-installed and re-installed (another 24 hrs+). worked great for a couple days. Then I got the slow loading bar and it stalls 75% of the way and nothing after that. I press alt+F4 , the program stops except for the music. If I try to reload, I get a mesage that it is already rumning. If I CTL+ALT+DEL says no programs running. Had to restart the PC. Same out come when I ran the SIM. But after a couple of those I CRTL+ALT+DEL instead of ALT+F4. Un-install, re-install #3 (again 24 hrs +) worked great for couple days and once again same problem again, slow load, stops at 75%, exit thruALT+F$, program does show, music plays , program still running, but nothing on CRTL+ALT+DEL. Already contacted Zendesk but nothing they sent works. HELP.

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