Local Legend 14: Bell 47J Ranger

Please use this thread to post your impressions and feedback about the Bell 47J Ranger, available now from the in-sim Marketplace for USD $14.99.

If you have any bugs related to this plane to report, please create a new thread in the Bug Reports & Wishlist section of the forum with the tag bell-47j-ranger.


Has the Premium-Deluxe discount expired?

It initially released without the discount, but was quickly rectified.

If you’re not seeing it, try going back the Welcome screen and reenter the Marketplace and see if it shows up.

A PDF manual is available on our manuals page here:


Thank you!

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Ooof another Local Legend bites the dust. Definitely don’t need that in my hangar. You’d think for the Caribbean we could get a tour helicopter with more than three seats… are we trying to make each Local Legend less appealing? Out of all the helicopters in the world we get a 1956 Bell 47. Did you guys give up making anything within the last 67 years?


I notice the Bell 47J is in the marketplace … for £12.49.

Now if that’s the price fair enough, but I was under the impression that as a Premium Deluxe customer I would be offered a discount.

This was going to be an instant purchase but I think now I’ll wait for clarification. I don’t want a repeat of the ATR 42/72 fiasco - though come to think of it I did end up getting that for free.

■■■■■■, I’m just too decent…

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Shouldn’t the Local Legend be $10 for the Premium Deluxe owners? Instead of the $15?

Edit: Great minds think alike?


Great minds think alike…

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The discount for Premium Deluxe owners is live now.



Thanks for the helicopter! Keep it up, more helicopters! :heart_eyes:

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I take it you’re showing dollars where I’m paying in pounds. I’m seeing £8.39 here, which is what I recall paying in the past. Purchase will commence as soon as I stop typing.

Did you try rebooting the sim? The discount may show if you do that :smiley:

No, that is the post-update price with the discount. I’m happy with that.

Currency is localized to your Windows Installation regional settings.

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Ah, I see :grin: Cheers!

Yeah, I figured that out … eventually. I did raise an eyebrow when your discounted price looked higher than the price I was originally quoted, but then reason and sanity reasserted itself.

The update for is quite large but the release notes don’t say much.
Are there huge under the hood changes?

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The “Pilot” “InitialZoom” value of the cockpit needs to be fixed. A good value is 0.36. I recommend improving the value, because the current value distorts the cockpit view and results in false detection.

[MODERATOR EDIT: Please do not ping team members] I would be happy if a developer would fix it!

A correct, real setting looks like this:


This is great!
Has anybody actually flown it yet?
I cant even start a session! Just when I was about to get in it failed on me, starting over again, waited 20-30 minutes in vain. :sob:

Is it playable on xbox without assists?