Local Legend XII: Dornier Do X

Please use this thread to post your impressions and feedback about the Dornier Do X, available now from the in-sim Marketplace for USD $14.99.

If you have any bugs related to this plane to report, please create a new thread in the Bug Reports & Wishlist section of the forum with the tag dornier-do-x

Edit: the PDF manual for this aircraft is now available on our manuals page here.


My quick opinion about death by flying boats:

First it was amazing.
Then it was cool.
Then it was weird.
Then it was funny.
Now it is just sad.


Here is a challenge: before releasing yet another flying boat with 6 engines do two things:

  • make sure 6 engines are actually supported by the sim, including the controls.
  • make sure to significantly improve the water physics and native functionality for actions like anchoring and maneuvering without engines.

It kinda starts to feel like mockery at this point.



I mean, in this case, I get that the chosen local legend fits the cities it’s being released with (I sure hope dock parking spots were added in all the ports to support this plane). Or were the cities chosen to support this plane? Maybe just a happy confluence of factors…

Doesn’t matter really how they came about… let’s get to the point where we can fly these planes you’re creating without fighting through issues just to use them please.

I feel especially bad for the Xbox folk who don’t have the advantage of people creating addons to help fix all the issues. To that point, not to take this thread off topic, but it’s a related subject given all the issues… What’s the status of the “Freeware Marketplace”? How’s that going to work?

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I can only assume that somebody thinks we’ll forget how awful the on water physics is if they keep selling us new boats. I’m not going to fall for it.


Isn’t it 12?


Well in this case it is twice as bad, as with the 631.
The DoX has 12 engines. And still no way to map them to a quadrant that makes any sense.


I would be very, very excited to see a new plane that isn’t an extremely slow “flying” (I think the description says 1,500ish feet is the max altitude when loaded down) boat… Not to mention the actual experience of landing on water within MSFS is horrible right now. Furthermore, and I could be wrong because I didn’t bother with the last flying boat, but I can’t imagine mapping 6 engines (or is it 12 with this one?) is a great experience?


A hard pass from me, too many of these type of aircraft are released, please venture elsewhere next time.


I would love to see the community have some input into the next/future local legends…
A simple poll with 5ish options for the next local legend would be something to consider. I’d imagine there’s something similar happening internally before developing starts- why not open it up to the community?


I think flying boats are really cool and even I think this is ridiculous.


God, not another flying boat. There’s so many other aircraft that we actually NEED in the sim, or other more interesting choices. This all feels like a wasted effort. Especially when flying them is an exercise in frustration.

One flying boat, I don’t mind. But this is just absurd.


Yes, push/pull. Let’s say 6+ engines. :wink:

I agree. I purchased the Latécoère 631 because it’s an absolute work of beauty, but I only flew it once, because the sim is not really suited for this kind of aircraft at this point in time.

I will draw the line in the sand here as well, just like I did with the Aero-45/Aero-145. No purchase of Local Legends / Famous Flyers anymore, until the quality/feature support increases to appropriate levels. Increase the price point if you have to for increased quality! I’d rather pay $20-30 for a very good and rounded release than $10-$15 for an aircraft that just looks pretty in a trailer but is near unusable for actual simming in a FLIGHT SIMULATOR.


I think I tend to agree with the masses here. I’m sure the aircraft is well done, but there’s so many flying boats released by Microsoft at this point, including the free Spruce Goose. It’s such a strange decision to release so many, especially with water physics so unappealing. Maybe it’s just because I’m not a big fan of seaplanes in general, I don’t know, but I’m not sure I understand Microsoft’s fixation on flying boats. There are so many great aircraft out there that would fit in the Local Legends and Famous Flyers categories that aren’t sea-based aircraft.

The chance to fly a historic plane like the Do X is awesome. And I’m glad they’re picking rare aircraft instead of just a bunch of GA or tubeliners. For $9.99 for Deluxe users, I’ll grab it using my Bing Rewards credit because it is a cool aircraft and looks well-done.

Do we know who developed this one?

Did they accidentally leave in the lede from the Spruce Goose press release?


Thank you. MS & Oliver Moser, great plane said thank you very much


Hello @Editer,

The Dornier Do X was developed by Oliver Moser.

Perhaps this is splitting hairs, but the Spruce Goose only ever had one single test flight that lasted just 26 seconds, whereas the Dornier Do X saw operational service for many years.



ANOTHER flying boat?!? There aren’t that many water landing areas in the sim!! (If you’re just counting what’s marked)
Most of the previous Local Legends had something unique about them. The DHC-4 was a big cargo plane that could take off and land in extremely short distances. The An-2 is the largest single-engine biplane. They were unique.
Having 4 flying boat Local Legends is making flying boats seem less unique. Not to mention, looking at the manual, you have to move your camera a good distance just to get to the area where the engine start controls are!!
I’m hoping that next month’s Local Legend is something a bit more unique (and not a flying boat).
Also, you can land more places with conventional landing gear than with a flying boat.
Won’t be getting it, as flying boats aren’t really my thing.

Thanks! Oliver makes good stuff, I’ll be excited to check this out.

Well, if the lede had said “largest operational flying boat” or “largest flying boat in revenue service,” my editor reflexes wouldn’t have kicked in. :slight_smile:


Flying boat number 5 from Local Legends/Famous Fliers series, or other official releases. So we have the Spruce Goose/Hercules, S.55, Do J, Latecoeure, and now the Do X. If you want to toss in the Beaver and Icon as additional floaters we now have 7 Asobo-provided water-based aircraft in the pile.

Hoping for variety in other realms for the next few. Maybe a helicopter?