Localizer not holding on ILS

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I’m having the same problem. I’m a newbie so I wonder what should I do to try to land manually correcting the alignment with the runway as soon as the purple diamond begins drifting. What needs to be disengaged for the airplane to respond to a manual correction?
Thank you.

If you are flying the A320, and you have “APPR” selected, the diamonds shouldn’t drift off while the autopilot is engaged.

If you want to fly manually, the autopilot needs to be turned off.
If you want to manually control the throttle thus control the speed as well, the A/THR (autothrust) needs to be turned off too.

Thank you. Yes it’s the A320 and the “APPR” is activated on the MCDU and on the MCP.
To use ailerons to try to put the aircraft back on track do I need to desingage anything more?

Far easier to lean how to initially fly an ILS in a small Cessna … If nothing else, its slower, and you have more time to figure out what you are doing …


No, other than the above.
Also note, the autopilot will automatically disconnect if you move the yoke/rudder more than just a trace amount.

Make SURE assistance with landing is on HARD and not EASY.
When Easy the LOC is not holding…

More here


That link comes up as a private post.

Look at Assistance.
How it the landing ?
Make sure EASY is not selected put it on HARD an try the ILS approach again

the options available that i have in Assistance for landing are ON or OFF. I have it on ON.

First make sure the flight model is on Modern and not Legacy
Then the option HARD should be there.
With EASY there is an issue with ILS and LOC.

I only have assist ‘on’ or ‘off’. No easy or hard.

Me as well

Can you post a cockpit picture or vid of this when it happens?
We maybe able to gat a few more clues from that.

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