Localizer Works but not Glide Slope

After installing the SU7 update yesterday, I found that the localizer works on the frequency I select, but the glide slope does not. First tried the Cessna 172 G1000 on a flight from KPSC to KYKM, with the nav frequency set to 110.1, which has always worked before. Usually when I switch from GPS mode to NAV mode the localizer becomes active about 16 miles from KYKM. Had to turn off the autopilot and land manually. Repeated the flight and noticed that when I set the nav frequency the display said No GS, which means No Glide Slope. I then tried a flight from KPSC with nav frequency set to 108.7, and again display said No GS. Again, localizer works OK, but not glide slope.

Tried the Carenado Cessna 182, same result.

I plan to spend more time on this forum looking for ideas. Hope I don’t have reinstall MSFS 2020. May try the Repair MSFS2020 option.

I am running this on a PC, and have the Microsoft Store version. Not using Developer Mode. Intel i7 8700K, 64 GB DDR4, Graphics NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 Ti, 11 GB.

Reproduceable. Tried restarting MSFS 2020, rebooting PC, turning PC completely off and then on. Tried both DX12 beta and DX11, same result. Have not tried deleting Rolling Cache. Others on the NAV, COM and ATIS forum have reported similar problems. My system was fine until installing SU7.

Any ideas would be very much appreciated.

I am also now seeing all airports (KPSC, KYKM, KSEA…) as uncontrolled. The VORs are also no longer working. Started after installing SU7. Only option I see now is to completely uninstall MSFS 2020 and reinstall.

Same problem now with Chessna G 1000 and glide slope.

On another posting it was suggested to try moving the folder fs-base-nav from Official/OneStore to another location, then re-starting MSFS. This was under the title ATC Services Missing since SU7… This seems to have worked for me, and I suggest you try it.

I’m having the same kind of issue. After installing SU7 I’m missing quit a lot of navaids, especially ILS. I can tune an ILS frequency but the ILS isn’t recognized nor does the ILS show up on the instrument panel. The aircraft will not capture because the localizer and glideslope or absent… I’m getting frustrated over this. For now, I have to fly every approach visual or non-precision (VOR/DME, NDB, RNAV). I tried to move the fs-nav-base from the official folder. The sim did reinstall the folder but that didn’t seem to solve the problem. Tried uninstalling and reinstalling navigraph but that didn’t solve it… any ideas or most welcome.