Location of Aerosoft CRJ aircraft.cfg?

I would like to edit the CRJ’s aircraft.cfg so ATC will properly recognize the atc_type and atc_model, however I can’t find the aircraft.cfg file.

I checked the …Official/OneStore/aerosoft-crj/SimObjects/Airplanes/ folders but all i can find is an aircraft.loc file.

If you bought it on the marketplace you wont be able to edit these files.

Splendid. Thank you.

Out of curiosity, would the aircraft.cfg be accessible if I had purchased the CRJ directly from Aerosoft rather than the MSFS Marketplace?

I don’t have the CRJ, but I got the Twotter from Aerosoft directly and the cfgs are all there and editable. I believe that the CRJ is probably the same. Not sure.

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Addon aircraft purchased through the in-sim marketplace have all of these cfg files encrypted as a poorly-thought-out anti-piracy measure. Users have been asking for this to be changed since the sim came out and Asobo have vaguely said they are looking at the possibility or something to that effect.

I can’t speak to the CRJ specifically but I don’t think any other addon storefront does this.

In all fairness, they have said that they have found a solution, which has finally been accepted by all the companies holding the property rights. I believe those are aircraft manufacturers and airlines.

I think there is a good chance it will happen in one of the next SU’s.

For their own aircraft, but i doubt that will change for 3rd party aircraft. Developers have even asked Microsoft to use their encryption on things not even sold in the marketplace. I think thats the developers responsibility, not microsofts for something they arent even holding on their systems. Weird request.

Who though? how many other than Carenado are exclusive to the marketplace? Aerosoft & Blackbox - to pick two - release the same product unencrypted through other channels, so it’d be a very odd request if it was them.

Jorge never said who, other than he couldnt do it if the product wasnt on their marketplace. So, obviously who only sells outside of the marketplace.