Lock camera to horizon (in steps) option for better wind effects in VR

If we would have a option to lock the camera to the horizon in VR, then we could feel the planes movement more similiar to 2d monitor mode. Every racing sim I played so far, had this optional for a reason.

Currently the VR cam is locked to the plane, which means that absolutely no plane movements are “viewable” if we dont look outside and can see something static like the ground.

Here is a random video on yt which describes the differences What is Lock to Horizon and Why is it more realistic (sim racing) - YouTube

Of course it shouldnt be a absolute hard lock to horizon, but some delay behind the movement of the static cam would help, I think Project Cars 2 had a setting like this, like you could do 30% lock to cockpit and 70% lock to horizon or similiar.

I find the current solution very unfortunate for all the nice wind and turbulence settings, which aren´t really “feelable” in VR as long as we dont look at the cockpit and something static like the ground at the same time. Flying in night or high altitude in vr let all these effects basically vanish, because of the cameras 100% hard lock to the cockpit.

That’s totally unrealistic to what it’s like when flying a plane. Racing on a road or water surface is not the same as flying in 3D space. If you get the opportunity to take a flight in a small plane you will quickly see the difference.

The sim is correct in this aspect of its modelling.

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What we have now is also “unrealistic” in VR, as I highly doubt that your head is fixed through magic to the cockpit in real life.

Anyway, that thread was not about what is realistic or not, as long as we dont have a full motion simulator with VR its never going to be super realistic and even then I doubt that we can simulate what our inner ear is doing in real life.

Its just about giving us an extra option for the people who wants it, no one will force you to go into options menu and select it.

Have you seen this topic and please vote for a better VR implementation.

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Agreed, there should be some level of stabilization to the VR “camera”. In RL, in a plane, which is bouncing up and down from turbulence, your head/neck provide some natural stabilization that isn’t afforded in VR. I once smacked my head on the roof of my C172 while leaning forward to the radio stack and a pocket of rough air came along. I think at least providing an option for people to choose stabilization or not, would indeed be more helpful and I’d argue that some stabilization to the horizon within a certain G load is more realistic.

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I agree with this one. The “other” sim is amazing in VR and handles this quite well.