Locking framerate when using Vive Console headsets (i.e. Vive Pro 2 / Cosmos)

Does anybody know whether there is any way to lock the framerate when a Vive Pro 2 (or Cosmos, since this is a problem common to headsets relying on the Vive Console)?

I’ve been enjoying the Vive Pro 2 a lot with games/sims where the framerate can be stable enough for the retroprojection to sit around a given value, but with MSFS this is not the case at all.

At the moment, I’m benefiting from improved performance in MSFS, to the point where I regularly have 60fps using GA and settings I like. The problem is that this is never stable enough and will dip and increase all the time, leading to the retroprojection to switch between different target fps, typically between 60fps and 40fps in MSFS - this can happen several times per minutes, which then leads to awful juddering/stuttering.

The problem is that locking fps doesn’t seem to be possible at all when using a Vive Pro 2. Locking fps in the nvidia driver control panel doesn’t have any effect in VR. Locking fps in the steamVR options also has no effect, and the Vive Console itself doesn’t offer any option for that (and from the Vive forums it seems that the devs do not intend to ever develop that option…).

Does anyone know a way to possibly force a fps lock which I don’t know about? This is really killing my enjoyment of MSFS at the moment (and to some extent of other sims as well - in IL2 I get fps swinging between 120/60/40 fps leading to stutters during combat…). It’s making me regret having gone with Vive Pro 2 - I even avoided it at first precisely because I didn’t trust a specific system like the Vive Console, but went for it after I tried buying an Index and had faults with that twice…
Some people have advised me to find the sweet spot in settings where somehow the fps would stay locked at a given value but I’ve failed to find that - plus if you find a setting that works fairly well to stay around a given target, that’s usually only valid for a given aircraft, in a given location, so not a very viable solution.

If any developer out there has got an expertise and interest in looking into that, you’d probably be saving the VR simmers out there who have a Vive Pro 2.

I don’t have a solution for you but I would love some feedback on how you’re able to get 40-60 fps with a Pro 2. I can barely get ~20-25 fps with my RTX 3080, and changing settings that should have drastic effects on my fps (e.g., in-game resolution and ultra/high/med graphics settings) hardly changes my fps. The only thing that makes any improvement for me lately has been terrain and object LOD, and that only buys me an additional handful of fps. Sorry if this is off-topic but I’ve been struggling to find acceptable settings with Update 8 on my Vive Pro 2 and this seems like a good place to discuss.

I have a vive pro so I have not your problem
But I notice that if you use VSync (on MFS2020 setting) it seems to lock frame in VR. Try this

I have a RTX 3090 and a 8087K @5Ghz. I’ve got some settings possibly lower than most people, e.g. clouds at medium, and I don’t push the terrain and object details sliders further than 100. Apart from that it’s a mix of medium and high settings for most things. My fps increased a fair bit by using the OpenXR toolkit. I do some scaling, at 0.8 I think, and I use the foveated rendering.
I’m not at 60fps for all aircraft - only with the simpler ones, although I think I got that with some of the GA glass panel default aircraft. If I run high quality addons it’s down to 45 or 40 (PMDG DC 6 runs at around 40 at the moment).

I’m not sure how the vsync would interact with retroprojection - if it just sets a ceiling at 60 but allows dips, the retroprojection would still shift between 60 and 40 for example, and that would stutter. Ideally what I need is something that can lock the fps at something safe and stable, e.g. 30 or 40 - which is what I used to do thanks to steamVR settings when I had my OG Vive. It’s such a pain that HTC went for their own thing instead of continuing with native steamVR as they did with Vive and Vive Pro…

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