LOD issues in VR after last update

The last update to MSFS greatly improved the performance in VR which is fantastic!
However, I do have issues with the level of detail in VR; especially runways just show up as grey “blobs”, and their level of detail doesn’t increase until I get very close to them.

Does anybody else has this issue and knows how to fix it?

My PC: 10700k, 64GB, FTW3 3090

Overall the VR is really bad now…. I don’t know what happened. I am using the Valve Index, with Beta Driver from Steam. 2080TI video card.

The whole thing is like blurry and hard on my eyes, the sun is over powering now, with glare, and the entire experience is not good anymore. I used to love flying in VR.

I actually went out of it, and flew Lockheed Martins P3d in vr, and it was way clearer. But the best is Aerofly 2 for VR for me.

I don’t know what to do, I spent a lot of time fine tuning before these updates to get it to look and run well, now its just no fun anymore.

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Please check your VR render resolution setting in MSFS, The update set mine to 80% down from 100%, so I needed to set it back to 100%, perhaps this has happened for you too.

its how they implemented this new redering tech by using (culling) pop in effect and very low LOD to gain performance ,low res terrain with culling is horrible, it broke the whole experience for me , hope they fix it soon

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Yes I have this issue and no, I haven’t worked out how to fix it yet. Even increasing render resolution and handing back all those FPS games still makes runways, and scenery in general, blurry until close up.

Before this update, in VR i had to turn Asynchronous warp off to prevent wings from tearing (and stutters) when banking hard… (sure it still stuttered a bit, because of GPU) now with ASW off, it does that tearing and warping by default…
Turned the res up from 80 to 100, no luck… Still gotta bump the hz up from 72 to 90, see if that does anything… tried to tweak settings in Oculus tray tool, Open XR and Oculus debug (just one at a time, to see if i would notice some difference, then turn them off again before starting the next one) but not hit the juicy sweetspot just yet.

At least in 2D the ultra settings seems to have become quite a bit smoother, but yeah, i guess now i gotta get back to the drawing board with tweaking VR… sigh
It’s the desktop/armchair aviator in me that wants to enjoy this sim, instead of spending hours on end tweaking the hell out of it and forgetting i started the game up for enjoyment, not tweak-/torment.

Just waiting for you wizards out there, to show me the yellow brick road of performance again. Thanks in advance lads! I guess my next step, in the meantime, is to turn to 90hz and turn ASW on, see if the effect is now reversed… ya never know…

Quest 2
I7 10700k
MSI MPG Z490 Gaming Plus
GTX 1080 (yeah, i know… i know…the weak spot… i’m just not doshing out a gazillion bucks for a 3080 at the moment :wink: )

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I hv created a bug thread under graphics section please vote so that ASOBO team would fix it soon

It would help if you linked the thread…

Nvm vote for this one instead its populated
Sorry am not so good when it comes to forums lol


To improve runway clarity ( runway markings, center line etc), in the VR graphics setting, set

  1. “texture supersampling” to 8x8.

Hope this helps.

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This sounded like the issue to me too - detail wise everything seems the same as before, but I have more frames to play with. Index/3080/9600K/32G I had been running with FPS locked at 30, now I can do 40. It’ll still drop into the mid 30’s around cities. Haven’t noticed any blurriness in any textures - everything seems sharp. I have seen the LOD pop in of scenery but it doesn’t bother me.

I noticed this as well. In the previous version this texture super sampling didn’t need to be used, especially if running with 16x anisotropic filtering. Maybe something has changed with the anisotropic filtering.

Take a look at this thread, captain lucky has confirmed an issue with the anisotrophic filtering and a workaround :

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Thanks for the link, diving in!

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