LOD problems - Trees & Water

sorry for the sound in the video. The draw distance is terrible compared to the previous version, I see soap the whole flight, there was no such thing beforehttps://youtu.be/sy1xHM4jdlQ

I downloaded the update. The problem of lod, wood, forests still exists. I don’t know what they did, but it got worse. The trees disappeared from several places where they used to be. There are also places where trees have appeared and have not been before.

After the upgrade, the FPS dropped drastically. The simulator stumbles flying over the forests. Getting worse…

Some examples of what we had before :frowning:
The Fps was even OK with this version
LOD was at 100%
Ground textures were a lot higher quality
Dunno what has happened to the sim but hopefully it gets fixed , because i miss these beautiful landscapes beautiful trees along the scenery and amazing lod of the buildings.
Also the water looked more WATER in my opinion.


ageed…the water has degraded. I get repeating patterns now that weren’t there before


What happened to this game/sim… used to look so much better.

The lod distance for scenery is terrible now.


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I voted on so many LOD degradation issues so far and even created one by myself once but I’m getting increasingly convinced now that MSFS team deliberately lowers the graphics with each update


it must be 1.7.14 build on those amazing snaps, which has been the best build so far.

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MSFS lured us into 2020 and we ended up with 2004 now

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I would point out that when patch was released, users complained about how bad the water was, and wanted to go back to

Then when was released, some users complained about the water, and wanted to roll back to when it was better under…

Looking forward to Tuesdays patch.


:joy: you have a point there. However, I think it‘s evident that the water got worse at some point. I guess some of the people talking about rolling back just can‘t remember which pach caused it (myself included).

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I agree. Without screenshots, and video, to compare against, its difficult to remain objective.

I know such footage does exist, I’m just saying.

Something I noticed on a real life flight video the other day amused me, when you hear about complaints of repeating water textures. Take a look at the water here:

I sometimes wonder if some have a mental image of what they believe water should look like, that may not match reality in certain situations. The water in that video has repeating wave patterns.

That‘s certainly a valid point. I think it‘s this one texture that looks a bit like the surface of a sponge that most people don‘t like (can‘t upload a screenshot atm but I guess you know which one I mean).

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It certainly looks “nicer” when perturbed by wind, with white caps etc. I think the area it definitely fails are those waves that look too big, and too fast, coming in to a landmass. They just look wrong, unless there are strong winds present. You then get those white caps again which actually looks very good.

But out at sea, or in estuaries, I don’t think it looks too dissimilar to what you I see in that video, complete with repeating patterns.

Lol. Got asked by the FAA officer he said: I smell alcohol and I said to him: That is because you’re not respecting social distancing :frowning_face: :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

I tend to agree and if it has to do with getting it ready for console release that will be a bummer…hopefully it’s not and they will fix the sim

I went through some past screenshots and water started it’s downward trend in the 1.8.30 patch around September 16 if I remember right because all of the better water screenshots I have are from August.

it’s true that water can have somewhat random pattern to it but in the sim I see a pattern that is very large shapes which weren’t there at release.

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if u look in the distance you’ll see really noticeable squares
which are just too annoying its not like water
and also the super sun as well.

The water that we had at the start of the sim is gone. What we have now is far from it, perhaps the uggliest water of all the sims I play, and I do play sims from 2009.

The reason people keep creating smokescreen posts to derrail the thread is mind boggling.

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