LOD problems - Trees & Water

Anyone else feel like the simulator looks terrible now after the update? I normally play on high end, but I ended up turning it up to Ultra and turning terrain detail etc all the way up and it still looks nowhere near as good as it did before!

Don’t see much posting about the visual aspect of the patch so was just throwing this out there to see what you guys think.


Yeah it looks like ■■■■ now, Who knows what they did.


My first impression also. Some of the visuals have changed. The trees are not as dense in the distance as prior to patch. And i also noticed less grass when on airports. On the settings i used to have anyway in the other patch. I wanted to see if anyone else noticed, but not many postings about it. Yea, the graphical fidelity is somewhat less…

Did they do it to be easier on the fps …


Yeah it’s pretty annoying with the aircraft bugs, but I was hoping to fly around in some single props for a while while they fix the airliners. With the graphical fidelity not looking as good, it kinda sucks for taking in the nice views. I would rather trade performance at this stage for an improvement in graphics. GA aircraft always ran pretty well imo


Didn’t notice any changes here, it looks as good as always. Make sure you don’t have your Bing data turned off. Their servers got hammered yesterday and the Bing stuff got turned off for some.


YUP, it looks like complete ■■■■ now. One step forward, 3 steps back. The A320 has gone completely haywire. I got another pc build in the works right now and should have it done by next week. Hopefully the devs get their ■■■■ together by then.


I’ll double check tonight but I have all of that turned on, always paranoid that it will be off lol!

Same here, distance detail is much worse now. I upped the rendering scale to 150 (from the default 100) which cleans up nearby stuff, distance stays blurry and less detailed. It still runs faster with super sampling than it did before without. Optimizing by removing stuff :confused:


Yeah if they keep this up this game is not going to be so popular and its going to fall flat on its face. They are not listening to the buyers which in turn is going to cause a lot of distrust and people who will just move on to the next X-Plane etc. This is an old game flight simulator X was amazing.


They trimmed the trees because many user complained that the trees were too high and too many. And now are too few of them. Slowly it is getting ridiculous. :smiley:

I don’t need Netflix anymore. Best sitcom ever.


I will take a look at that.

But i did really noticed less fidelity in the graphical aspect when i started a flight at LOWI in the alps. Looked very different in the distance far away … but i will check all setting again. :ok_hand:t2:

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No graphics fidelity issues for me, it still looks as good as it did before.


Defo man I’m with you on that one. I also understand giving Devs time to work on things, I really do. What I don’t like is when you spend over £60 pounds on a product, you expect it to be in a reasonable state, if not, your not getting what you paid for, simple as that

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I noticed that my mountains looked all mushy and blurry lol

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Yup its total ■■■■■■■■ they have not fixed these issues yet. So who the ■■■■ knows what the future holds for this sim. As a MSFT Xbox U holder i have the game because of that. I WILL NOT BE BUYING THE GAME UNTIL they fix the freaking bugs and issues which have been raised i do not know how many times yet.

This is why I don’t trust the game trailers anymore. It’s all a bunch of fake ■■■■■■■■. The trailer makes the game look good and it’s all a big ■■■■■■■■.

Then the actual game comes out and it’s a massive trainwreck. I’ll still keep the faith, but it’s one thing to try and fix small bugs, but when you are trying to fix bugs and manage to break stuff that doesn’t need to be fixed then that’s when you start to ■■■■ people off.

I just get the sense that the devs are overdoing it.


Asobo PLEASE communicate. What are you guys doing to our sim?? It does look worse… it should only be getting better and better as each update occurs, no?

On Ultra settings with RTX 2080 Ti… the LOD is just awful.


Yes they are, They need to hone in on the issues fix those then create milestones and releases for the other world issues.

True, it does look worse…


Understood. If I would buy an iron or a washing maschine I would be also be upset, because you can’t fix it after you have bought. Software is different. Keep cool and wait for the fix.

I have no issues, despite some tiny bugs in different planes. Ok, the A320 is messed up. But who want to fly on 30.000 feet in this beautifil Sim?