LOD problems - Trees & Water

I tried to fly over places from the latest trailer MFS Around the World - Africa and they (map textures) looked completely different from those in the game.


Azure is supposed to be providing the data from the ground they say its flawless however i have found many issues in the data return on that. AAA game and right now its ■■■■


Its like we are back playing fsx lol


YUP! that is totally what it feels like. I was promised high rise 4k im getting 480p LOL!


Check this thread for info on improving draw distance (of ground textures anyway): Ground texture - Low resolution - Internet incorrect Bandwidth

Method for changing LOD on the fly: Ground texture - Low resolution - Internet incorrect Bandwidth


The tree and buiding LOD is absolutely cr@p now compared with what it was in the test programme.

Someone needs their head banged on a wall to get them to fix this.

When I first flew this sim the thing which was immediately apparent was the beautiful LOD - buildings and trees all the way as far as you could reasonably see. It was wonderful. One of the main things I just loved about the sim and have waited for all my simming career. And finally someone delivered it.

And then about a month before release they ruined it.

And in the release.

I am so frustrated by this as I know what this sim is capable of. But someone at ASOBO has lost the plot, stopped concentrating and messed up the visuals big time.

I was flying on a 980Ti and getting excellent LOD. Not so in the release.

So I just upgraded to a 1080Ti thinking the extra 5GB of VRAM might be the difference. Nope. The sim isn’t even attempting to use more than half the VRAM, while the LOD is hopeless.

And I mean hopeless. Trees often extend no more than a mile or two from the plane, and buildings are popping up almost underneath the plane.

I have filed several large, detailed zendesk reports about this, complete with before and after pictures of the same places, showing what the sim used to do and the rubbish we have now.

Literally, I can be one mile from touchdown and still have zero trees at the far end of the airport. And then after touchdown, the airport is surrounded with trees.

My machine is delivering 65fps away from busy areas and 45fps at very busy areas, but can’t draw decent tree and building LOD. So my machine doesn’t seem underpowered to deliver the goods.

It is a total and utter immersion killer, and is making cross country and bush flying just boring and uninvolving.

I will not stop moaning about this and filing regular bug reports until this is fixed.


All is worse…so many bugs in airbus 320. ATC crash the sim every time.

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So true! The popping in and loading of objects is crazy right now


he is talking from the current update, why changing topic, your things was already posted several time just after the release.

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Maybe I’m blind, but for me it is looking good. LOWI 1920x1200


Yeah ok. I wasn’t trying to hijack the thread, but rather to add fuel to the fire that indeed the “Sim looks worse now”, which is the title of the thread.

I do not want the ‘fix’ being to go back to the previous patch quality. I want it back right at the top of what I know it can deliver.

That is whay I made the comments here. I hope you understand my angle.

I believe there are many users in the forums now who have no idea how good this sim used to be pre release, and therefore they cannot possible know they are being shortchanged at present.

My points may have been previously posted, but absolutely nothing has been done about it by ASOBO, and I will keep bashing on about it until something is done.


Good old flight simmers…whiners as hell :sweat_smile: The sim looks to me as beautiful as it was…


maybe for you, its clear that there is something wrong though, my settings are good. There are several people reporting back the same issues and that all cant be down thier settings surley


Comparing my screenshots before and after. Graphics are the same. Check your settings, perhaps some have reset?


As apposed to what? A shrinking violet? I’m trying to help the situation. Why on earth would you criticise that?

There is definitely a weird breed of people who show up in techy forums who will defend a large delevoper to the end, even though there are obvious faults in a product which are getting ignored. Very strange.


I turned my settings up even higher than they normally are and its absolute garbage, 100% not my settings or Internet speed. Was playing fine, logged off to update and logged back on and its like I downloaded fsx again


That’s really strange. Is it just in a particular area or everywhere? I’m flying down the east coast of US and it’s looking stunning

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can I just say this is my first time on these forums and I’m surprised how cool everyone is on here :+1:t2:

Liking it


Umm im running on ultra ■■■■ setting there is an issue for sure. Patches do not always fix ■■■■ they do break ■■■■ at times…

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Whatever mate…I am not getting it that far…I am not defending anyone…I am talking about my experience…however I am used by the whining of our breed…